We have a huge choice of body jewellery that you can wear in stretched lobe piercings, from plain flesh tunnels to UV colours, funky designs and natural materials. The type of jewellery you wear in your stretchings depends very much on your gauge and how your body reacts to different materials, all of which have different benefits. Choose from the stretching jewellery below or click through to see the full range.


A Stretched piercing is an edgy piercing which is quickly growing in popularity. Stretched piercings, often referred to as gauges, involve the process of increasing the piercing gauge size to slowly expand the hole over time. Stretching the ear lobes properly takes time. In order to stretch the ear lobe safely it needs time to relax and fully heal in-between stretches. Caring for a newly stretched ear piercing is very similar to that of a new ear piercing, the area must be cleaned with sterile saline solution twice daily to avoid infection and aid healing.

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