Scaffold piercings are a classic ear cartilage piercing that really stands out. They consist of two ear-rim piercings connected by one long barbell. Scaffold piercings usually go straight across the top of the ear but they can be placed at any angle. Always measure your scaffold jewellery carefully to make sure you get the right size for your new jewellery.


Scaffold piercing, which in the past has been one of the more extravagant piercing types, can really make your fashion style unique. A single bar that can either be straight or curved into many different spirals, links two ear piercings, usually in the helix and anti-helix area of the ear. Before purchasing scaffold piercing, which is also known as an industrial or a construction piercing it is highly recommended that you measure the distance between your ear piercings accurately before purchasing one. The scaffold piercing can take up to 2-4 months to heal, thus we highly advise cleaning the area two times a day with a sterile saline solution in order to avoid infection.

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