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Goooooood (25 January 2012)

I really like this product and it's great for stretching. The only thing I found was that it was much longer than I thought and could sometimes be a bit irritating but overall a good product. It's also much darker in real life than shown in the photo.


More purple in life (20 December 2010)

Comfy to sleep in i found, i used all these tapers to stretch, never had a tare. Very cool , always looked good. Cant rate any higher, if stretching atm & wanting to make it easier...choose these. youll soon be hooked & want one for everything stretch, at least i know i did

By Anonymous

amazing (01 February 2010)

i loved this strecher.
it was perfect for going up a size because it was easy to put in, wasn't too long and it's very light-weight.

although it's more of a pinky colour than what i thought i still love it, and would diffently recommend it.

By Anonymous

Uv stretcher (14 January 2010)

Stretcher was brilliant, really awesome colour! I've bought this same one multiple times (different gauge) for everytime ive stretched up!
Its made of win!
I advise to buy it!

By Anonymous

Good (30 July 2009)

From looking at the picture, I thought they'd be a deep shade of purple.

Personally, I find them to be more pink-ish/purple than deep purple but it's still a lovely colour.

Ideal if you want something feminine but not too pink.

A good product :)

By Anonymous

super! (14 May 2009)

this product is amazing, the colour is a perfect purple, just a bit darker than the one on the picture, the picture doesn't even do it any justice. it really made stretching a little bit brighter!

By Anonymous

The best taper I have found so far! (04 August 2008)

This acrylic taper is actually so awesome! The colour is a bit of a darker purple which looks so much better than in the picture, it really doesn't do it any justice. And under UV lights it looks wonderful! The product was really very cheap, comfortable to wear and looks good, making lobe stretching so much more fun! :3

By Anonymous

great item at an amazing price (31 July 2008)

I got this in a 4mm size, it is so comfortable to wear and the colour is great (slightly darker than the picture which is exactly what i was hoping for) the bands stay on well and even though i havnt had it on under neon lights yet im sure it wont dissapoint when i get round to it 10*

By Anonymous

AWSOME!! (25 June 2008)

Bought this in 6mm.
Its such a great price!! Cheap, great to wear.

By Anonymous

well cheap (03 June 2008)

its so cheap you actually cannot find better

these are great work well and the colours are mint.

By Anonymous

UV Purple Taper (18 May 2008)

As it was the first time I was stretching a piercing I was abit anxious but this taper was great, the colour was amazing and it was so easy to pull through - and it's cheap as chips, can't go wrong!!!

By Anonymous

10/10 (17 February 2008)

Really comfy and looks great.
Much better than the curved ones.

By Anonymous

Does what its meant to! (07 November 2007)

A simple stretching taper.
Looks great as the colour is so vibrant.
It has a nice solid design too =)
Good value for money

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