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awesome (24 November 2010)

bought these to stretch from 2.4mm to 4mm
they are awesome and look great
very smooth to put in

By Anonymous

Great! (11 February 2010)

I used this as a change from a black taper and it looked great. It was easy to use and really bright.

By Anonymous

Rather good (25 June 2008)

I bought 3 of these in different colours, and considering they go for about a fiver each in shops, they were an absolute bargain!

My 4-5mm went so smoothly with this taper, and it looks pretty cool as a piece of jewellery too :)

By Anonymous

Good (22 June 2008)

Bought this to stretch my ear from 6mm to 10mm
Went through nicely although the colour is more green than yellow. Green is still a lovely colour though :)
Good product

By Anonymous

Very Very Good!! (31 December 2007)

I bought one of these in 10mm to stretch up from my 8mm. Even though that's 2mm up, it went through very easily. The only thing about this that may be a disadvantage is thet even though in the picture it looks yellow, it is actually green in real life. To me it didn't matter though :)

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