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Awesome =] (19 August 2011)

I never usually go for clear jewellery but this looked so cool. When it was in my ear it became a really beautiful shade of blue....I'm so impressed by this product and as usual think it's excellent for the price.

By from The Jungle

Very good! (02 March 2011)

Great taper! Cheap, Smooth, Nice looking. Very small flat area at the top which is actually better because it means less pressure on your ear and less chance of a blowout! Awesome :)

By Anonymous

quality taper (10 July 2010)

this taper looked good and helped easily stretch to 10mm.

By Anonymous

Simply a gr8 taper (15 June 2010)

This little taper helped me get my stretch to 6mm so I could continue to a higher taper and has been brilliant in helping me =]

By Anonymous

Beautiful! (10 June 2010)

I cannot wait to use this! Great service as well.

By Anonymous

great service! (31 May 2010)

I am continuously impressed with the quality, price, and service of this site. not only is the jewelry incredibly well made, it is easy to use, comfortable, amazingly priced, and it comes relatively fast in the mail! I placed 2 orders, one day after the other, and received them both at the same time, in nice, protective packages, in just over their minimum for how long it would take to arrive (: I definitely suggest these tapes for stretching your ears, they are simple, comfortable, and VERY easy to use!

By Anonymous

Excellent (08 May 2010)

I never usually use Acrylic tapers but decided to give them a try and they are excellent. My flesh tunnels went in easily after so very pleased.

By Anonymous

UV taper review (10 October 2009)

I recently ordered 2 more of these in black but somehow i managed to get a clear one instead, but i honestly dont mind now cos i think it looks just as good as any of the other colours!

By Anonymous

Loving the UV (03 June 2009)

I lurrve the fact these are UV, they should come in pink too!

Always gets peoples attention when I'm out clubbing. Can't really miss them to be fair!

Really easy to stretch with these, Don't annoy you either!

By Anonymous

BRILLIANT!!!!! (04 April 2009)

these stretchers are extremely comfatable 2 wear i woul rcommend using these 2 stretch your ears

By Anonymous

Real Good! (17 January 2008)

I used one of these to stretch from 10 - 12mm and I was amazed by how quickly it went through. It didn't even burn for that long.
It looks really good as well, shows off the stretch really well :)

I recomment it to everyone :D

By Anonymous

=] (12 October 2007)

Used these to strech my ears! streched them much better than the metal ones! also looks uber cool when worn as jewellery as well! get many comments from people!

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