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By from Tiverton

UV Acrylic Stretching Taper (19 January 2012)

I bought this product to stretch my ear to 3mm and it was so easy not discomforting at all (although it hurt a lil while afterwards but that is expected.) :L

But it glows so well in the light and gives a nice attention vibe :D

By from Tiverton

Blue Taper (09 January 2012)

i had bought this product a few weeks back but struggled to put it in from a 2mm to a 3mm and so i gave up. but my friend advised me to try it when i was in the bath or shower and hey presto it worked :)
and with it in it's quite dark but when it's in the light it glows really well, also delivery was very quick and efficient, cant fault this product :) <3


great (20 October 2011)

Great and easy to use !

By from Adelaide/Australlia

bargain (13 October 2010)

easy to slide in, light to wear, very pretty, and unbelievably cheap price

By Anonymous

Great! (02 June 2010)

I loved this stretcher! Have had it both in red and blue and both are gorgeous. They are really nice vibrant colours and so easy to put in. Going to buy again to stretch up to 8mm coz loved it so much =) X.

By Anonymous

Love it (: (23 May 2010)

Blue is my fav colour when I saw it I didn't think that it was that great, but when I got it through the post I couldn't wait to put them in I jumped from a 3 to a 5 it took about 20mins to put it but was well worth it looks so cool.

By Anonymous

First stretch (25 April 2010)

I used this product when I first started to stretch my ears. I eased it in slowly over 2 days and it was completly painless

By Anonymous

Lightweight (23 April 2010)

Previously, I had only ever used steel tapers. This one was a welcome change, as it did the job just as well, but was more comfortable and lightweight in my ear. I have it in an 8mm, and when I leave it resting in my ear I can barely feel it there!

By Anonymous

Great stretch (19 April 2010)

I stretched up to 6mm quite a while ago and was quite hesitant about the stretch up 6mm. I couple of my friends has done it and they all said that it hurt some what. I purchased this taper when i decided it was about time that i did stretch and i have had no problems. It slid straight through with a little lubrication and looks great in my ear untill im ready to stretch again or purchase some other jewellery for my stretch.

By Anonymous

greatt!!! (30 March 2010)

the tapers are great for stretching, really easy to insert and they slide in so well, and they look good if you leave them in as jewellery too, and the colours are really vibrant in sunlight, they look awesome.
will definately reccomend :)

By Anonymous

Safe (22 March 2010)

These Tapers Are Sick. I went from a stud to an 8mm With one of these and it killed but i was failry easy and then i used it to go from a 8mm to a 12mm these stretchers are easy to put in comfy to wear and they dont look that bad (: and their not that expensive too.

By Anonymous

funky! (28 February 2010)

really cool taper to wear, little long for my liking but still nice and light in a 8mm. well worth a buy.

By Anonymous

amazing (01 February 2010)

this is an amazing strecher. i bought it in 8mm and its incredible looking.
a bit darker than i thought it would be but its still really pretty.
i get loads of compliments wearing these because they are really bright when the sun catches them.

By Anonymous

Blue Taper (27 September 2009)

Looks darker than the picture but its great. Comfortable, easy to put in and awesome colour. What more do you want?! Buy one for sure!!

By Anonymous

UV taper (02 December 2008)

I bought a 5mm taper. It was a bit darker than I expected however it looks awesome in sunlight! :D

Might sound a bit wierd but if you intend on stretching your ears you probably should buy a water based lubricant as it makes it slide on easier and lessens the pain.

By Anonymous

NICE ONE (01 July 2008)

i bought this amazing product because it looked mint!!! never stretched before and i was unsure until i saw what products you could wear this spike looks FAB when your out clubbing and it looks good during the me when people see you with it in they will all want one!!!!....tip:buy extra O-rings because if your a tad clumsy like me you will need them..:)

pilky x

By Anonymous

^.^ (05 May 2008)

got two of these both in 5mm
looks great
gettin more in diffrent colours as i go bigger
colours darker than i though they were gonna be
but still a really nice product



By Anonymous

Taper (05 April 2008)

Got one of these in a 6mm looks really good, looks really good in uv light at clubs as well!

By Anonymous

Really awesome product (05 February 2008)

First time i stretched i used this and it needed alot of lubing up but once it was through it allowed good healing and it is also a really nice colour so it draws away from the swelling!
Might want to get some o rings for this as i tend to use them but i would highly recommend this

By Anonymous

looks good (02 February 2008)

would recomend makes your stretch more fun and colourful looks dead good in the light

By Anonymous

this is fabalicios!! >___< (21 January 2008)

awsome colour sepcially wen it cathces the light !!!

even ma grandparents liked it i was so impressed im going to order another for my other ear

thanks very muchly


By Anonymous

Stretching (17 January 2008)

I used one of these to stretch my 10mm to a 12. The thing that attracted me most is the great price! I always find stretching tapers are seriously overpriced in shops, I payed £8 for an acrylic 10mm stretcher a while ago so these are an absoloute bargain!
Other than doing the job of stretching my ear up a couple of mm's it looked really great.
When it catches the light it kinda glows blue which looked really amazing!
I ended up leaving it in much longer than I needed to cause it looked so nice!
It was comfortable to sleep on, which is something I often have trouble with when stretching up a size, so that was a definate plus!

By Anonymous

taper (03 January 2008)

I love these tapers! they look great, and are really good for stretching with as well, they are really eyecatching and are really good for showing off your stretched piercing!

By Anonymous

Streching Taper (04 October 2007)

I used this taper for stretching my ear to 12mm, i found that it was the correct length for comfortability whilst sleeping. It's really light and the O - rings were really useful for making sure the taper didn't fall out whilst sleeping or just in general.
I didn't have to wear the taper for long, a day or two and i was able to wear my Halo Silver Glitter Tunnel!
all in all the taper does what it says!

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