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By from Coventry

Adore these! (12 December 2011)

I have these in 12mm.

Found them quite difficult to get in, however they are really comfortable to wear and look fantastic!

Definitely worth the money. (:


Good quality (12 October 2011)

I got one of these in 12mm for the 2nd stretch in my left ear when i get to that size. Even in a small size the quality of the design is good, Id say that the design would look much better in a bigger size though so i may invest in another in 20mm at some point.

By Anonymous

Love 'um! (09 July 2011)

I'm actually deciding to stay at a 20mm just so I can still wear these bad boys !

By Anonymous

GET THIS! (11 May 2011)

This is one of the best things I have ever bought!
I don't normally buy plugs as I find them really really difficult to put in.
I've got a bit of a thing for sugar skulls, so coming across this, it was definitely worth getting, even if it did mean a painful ear for a while!

Turned out it was very easy to get in this time.

The only problem I have with this is that I've got a relatively small stretch (10mm) so although you can see clearly what it is, you can't see the detail as well as in the pictures, unless you're quite close up. Other than that, this is a fantastic buy and so cheap! Excellent!


omg (16 January 2011)

im cyber goth n this go's gr8 with outfit <3 them xx


18mm (20 July 2010)

I love them, the skull looks so amazing at 18mm & has nice details. Also, they're really comfy :D As a mexican girl, I can say I'm proud of wearing these (:

By Anonymous

Sugar Sugar (23 June 2010)

Im a huge fan of mexican art/sugar skulls & these are a work of art. They look brilliant with a good clear picture (14mm) found it a little difficult to put them in at first, but besides that amazing value for money

By Anonymous

WOW (07 June 2010)

im in love with these, i mean look at them :D i havent seen anything that look like these. They fit well and look amazing in. There a must have item in anyones plug collection .

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