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By Anonymous

Looks pretty cute (09 February 2009)

It's a nice purple color. I want to put it to the test under a blacklight!

By Anonymous

bright (24 December 2008)

i brought a 5mm for my tongue bar and when i went out clubbing all my friends really noticed it and said it looks amazing
i love it when it is and not glowing as it is an amazing colour

By Anonymous

wild nights out (14 May 2008)

i got two 8mm of these to fit on a blackline circular barbell i wear in my ear and these are great little balls, as one of the other reviews states they are more of a pink/reddy purple then the bluple (blue and purple hehe) they appear on the site but it really doesn't make a difference as they look great when the glow (i had people approach me asking where i got them and how great they looked)and sometimes even when just sunlight shines through them they seem to shine out brightly. would highly recommend for them wild night out


By Anonymous

nice :) (24 December 2007)

i got the purple balls in 3mm for my vertical labret. my friends tell me they are very glowy when we go out but being on my face i cant really see myself, haha although i believe them!
the colour is more pinky purple than bluey purple as it appears on the site (at least for me) but i am happy with them overall and the threading seems fairly good for an acrylic ball.

By Anonymous

Ultra Violet UV Threaded Balls - Purple (25 October 2007)

I use this product for my tongue bar, I wanted something plastic based so it would be kinder to my teeth. This works brilliantly and is actually a really ncie colour to use.

However I had to buy a size bigger because the smallest sunk in too much.

Also after quite a few months one of the balls did break, but I think this was simply because I bite mine..

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