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By Anonymous

awesome (10 September 2010)

really easy to get in, looks really cool and makes my holes look bigger than they actually are but are still descreet so no one knows i have them unless i tell them

By Anonymous

GOOOOD! (13 May 2010)

This is the best plug. It's very very small, and its very comfortably. Good stability and its perfect for earbuds, or sports. It's very very cheap, and good quality. I love them (L)

By Anonymous

i love these (01 April 2009)

i had one of these when my ear was a 4mm in purple
and also had one in white when i was a 16mm and an 18mm

these are great
-lightweight (even in big sizes)
-good colour range
-the uv ones look really good in any colour
- easy to take in and out, and easy to clean
- and finaly good price

i would defiantly recommend these

By Anonymous

awesome (14 March 2008)

these are really comfy and are good value for money i have these in 4mm and 6mm and 8mm and they are good Quality

By Anonymous

perfect (02 December 2007)

this im my eyes( ears ) is perfect
looks good
fels good
easily used

By Anonymous

=] great! (30 August 2007)

i bought a purple one of these and theyre so comfy, i used it in a fresh stretch going from 2.4 - 3mm and it healed in less than a week.


By Anonymous

:-) (06 November 2005)

These little things are ace, really comfy to wear and also brill if you're out clubbing coz they really light up under UV tubes. x

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