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By Anonymous

My review (09 July 2010)

Their very cute and bright coloured. Easy to get on, but I always worried about the balls coming off :( and the other night, one of them did and I lost it ):

By Anonymous

UV ring (26 November 2009)

I love these, I've brought some others more expensve ones - but nothing compares to theses! I've been wearing them for 2years now

By Anonymous

=] (27 February 2009)

amazing for the price , look great at parties and clubs! flexible and feels great!

By Anonymous

Wow :O (04 January 2009)

These look realy great, very felxible, and at such a good price, you cant go wrong:)

By Anonymous

ring (13 November 2008)

these are good if you really want to show off your piercing. the ball however isn't technically a ball... but that doesn't really matter. easy to get on and off and a great colour. i bought 4!

By Anonymous

BUY IT (05 August 2008)

very flexible and great looking (even better under a UV light).
The best part is the price its SO cheap. To big for a lip ring (unless you like a large diameter) looks really good in most ear piercings and eyebrow piercing!

By Anonymous

UV rings (03 April 2005)

These are my favourite and I can also afford to get loads as they’re so cheap! The colour range is so cool, here’s such a great choice, and I’ve mixed up all the different balls and rings. You can always keep your piercings different with such a big choice. Because they’re also really bright and colourful, they really stand out!!

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