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By from Nottingham UK

Love them (06 June 2012)

I've had these for nearly a year (10mm) and they're by far the most comfortable tunnels I've ever worn. I never noticed them being too long - they are ever so slightly sticking out at the back but it never bothered me before :)

By from South Padre

Love (06 January 2012)

I love these. I noticed other reviews say they're too long but they work perfect for my abnormally large lobes. :) The picture is true to color but they can fade over a year's time...especially if you bleach your hair with them in. I am ordering them again in 1" hoping they'll look as perfect in my ears as they do at 7/8"
They look big and clean and are EXTREMELY light and comfortable. I'm ordering in every color :)

By Anonymous

Good (11 May 2011)

After using Kaos silicone tunnels, I decided to go for the slighter thicker one!
It's such a gorgeous colour, very very outstanding.
The only problem I had with this is the size. I have relatively small lobes anyway, so it stuck out quite a bit at the back, which isn't shown when your hair's down.
Also, I found it made my stretch look smaller but that could just be because I have a relatively small tunnel. I have a 10mm, so this would definitely suit a bigger stretch!
All in all a great product though, especially for the price! And easy to put in too

By from Andover

great budget eyelet (11 February 2011)

i have these in 12mm they are a little bit too long for my ears but still very comfortable and make your stretch look bigger definately worth the amazingly low price

By Anonymous

Comfortable and lightweight. (31 January 2011)

An incredibly comfortable tunnel, easy to pop in and out. Just be warned they're a little longer than portrayed in the image, I have a 5mm (4 gauge) and it's approximately 10mm from flare to flare... So unless you've got particularly thick ears, you will have a fair bit of extra tunnel sticking out the back of your ear, although it's hardly noticeable. Other than that, an all round recommended low cost, comfortable tunnel.

By Anonymous

great (30 May 2010)

when i had my ear stretched i used these, they are the comfiest things ever.

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