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1.6mm (09 July 2012)

When this first arrived I never thought I'd be able to get it into my septum. I had ordered a variety of retainers from BJS and finally managed to loosen one of the balls on my CBB which I had in originally.

I changed to the Blackline Titanium retainer easily, but it was very wide, and trying to plier it smaller/narrower just resulted in it springing back to original width on release of pressure from the pliers. But after a few days of wear it just kept slipping down from being flipped, despite how big it was, and was constantly peeking one side, which annoyed me.

The others I received were wide and I didn't want the worry of losing an o-ring off the septum bullet, so I was brave and tried this one.

It's half the width of the other retainers, and I never thought I'd be able to flip it because of this. I had a bit of trouble getting it in the hole; following through while taking the other retainer out was a bit hard. But I'd only changed my septum once before, but then just managed to do it, and then flip it up. Did sting a bit though mind you.

It's a perfect fit, doesn't come down from being flipped, and no sliding either. No room for o-ring or wiggling. But I am going to order a few more just in case, and to practice changing, and also to enable cleaning jewellery in between switching without risking my septum closing.

By from Herts

Very good (29 August 2011)

This is a great retainer, easy to flip up and hides my septum piercing perfectly. However, it has fallen out in my sleep quite a lot and so I've had to buy spares.


brilliant (20 September 2010)

easy to flip up and hide if i'm somewhere that i can't wear it and looks really good when it's flipped down. easy to get in and really comfy when i'm wearing it.


Amazing! (23 July 2010)

Amazing product, sturdy yet still bendable slightly, small enough yet big enough to be noticed! truly amazing product! well done!

By Anonymous

Septum keeper (27 June 2010)

It took a bit for me to get it in but once i did i couldn't feel it at all, it's really easy to flip up and look really good when it's down

By Anonymous

Love it so much (02 June 2010)

It doesn't irritate me nor does it drop out of my septum. It is also VERY easy to flip over and even with a light colour, NO ONE realises it's there! Good if you wanna hide it while in school or work ^^

By Anonymous

Love it (01 May 2010)

So easy to put in when flipped up no one would notice i have my septum pierced. Tis perfect and so cheap.

By Anonymous

hmm (08 March 2010)

too tight for my septum saying that i should have known , i do have a rather fat nose :')

By Anonymous

easy and great! (31 January 2010)

i got pierced with this in my septum straight away and it is so easy to flip up and down, especially for school and family occasions this works great!

By Anonymous

ace (27 September 2009)

i got pierced with this retainer straight away, and its hidden it great,
however its very painful flipping it down due to the recent piercing,plus i have a rather large septum so i had to open the retainer up a tad

By Anonymous

good as a retainer (12 July 2009)

I have my septum pierced with this piece of jewellery, however it doesn't look good flipped down, especially on me, I have a smal nose so even the smallest size was too big...but as a retainer I can't praise it enough ^^ it hid my septum piercing from evil teachers for over a year!!!

By Anonymous

easy to flip up (20 March 2009)

i got this when i got my septum pierced and i thought that it was going to be really hard to flip it up, but the guy showed me and now i can do it really easially!

By Anonymous

Oh well (13 January 2009)

It looks awesome in and I like it more than I expected to, but apparently I have a small nose and I just can't get it to flip up...oh well, I'll still be wearing it often.

By Anonymous

I got one of these with my piercing (16 May 2008)

And I've got to say, I was sceptical at first

I always thought it'd look a bit naff.. like having a staple up your nose

But I'm actually glad I chose one of these over a CBR... it hasn't fallen out once, and it's so easy to flip up (it was kind of difficult at first, but I got the hang of it right away) and nobody notices it - perfect for job interviews!

By Anonymous

=] (21 January 2008)

Got my spetum pierced with one of these.
Cant see it all when its flipped up and looks great down, shall be getting a blackline one soon.

By Anonymous

Does exactly what it says on the tin (26 October 2007)

I used one of these as the initial jewellery for my septum piercing and it's so functional that even after a year, I hardly ever wear anything else. In it's hiding position, you'd never know it was there amd it can be comfortably flipped down when you want to show it off. It's never fallen out and is easy to insert. Really good value too.

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