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By from Derby, UK

Great Ring! (29 February 2012)

Just received mine today, and would agree that it is quite fiddly to but in, I ended up asking a piercer to put it in. However, I do love how it looks once it is in.
Definitely worth buying!

By from Tromsø

Looks great (19 February 2011)

This ring, with this color just looks so great :D

By from Devon

Great!! (27 August 2010)

I bought this to try in my lip because the bcr they used when I had it pierced was causing irritation & it wasn't healing, I put this in last night & this moring my lip already feels 10 times better!... a bit fiddly to get the segment back in, but the ring is really comfy in my lip, much better than bcr.... recommend to anyone!

By Anonymous

Love it (25 March 2009)

Got them today to go into my two top ear piercings which were still healing (after 5 months! - turns out im alergic to sergical steel, I just thought I was a bad healer). Easy to slide in, and I found them easy to close when compared to the bar and ball closure rings. Its very nice in colour, especially when you have this next to the pink, very eye catching! I would really recommend to anyone!

By Anonymous

Very Impressed. (17 February 2009)

I have two of these now, one for my Pinna and one in my Nostril. They are extremely comfortablew to wear and so easy to keep clean. I put one in my new piercing and it caused no further irritation. Would strongly reccommend these to anyone.

By Anonymous

Smooth Segment Ring (12 October 2008)

These are so much better than the Ball Closers. And very comfy, the only issue with these is tht they are extremely fiddily to get it, but once there in they look great!

By Anonymous

SSR (10 September 2008)

these are great, the lil segment can still b fiddley but once its in its great and there much easier than BCR's , mine is in my lip and its so comfortable.

By Anonymous

awsome (27 July 2008)

i have two of these one in my lip an one in my nose an people ask me how i get it in an are astonished when i tell the its a great ring cheers bjs

By Anonymous

So cute! (30 June 2008)

I love this little hoop, it looks so cute in my ear piercing! I am thinking about buying more in different colours. So many people have asked me about it!

By Anonymous

sweet (19 February 2008)

titanium really adds a nice touch when its coloured. Cant lie about that. I have it in my cartilage at the time being. its really served its purpose and ive had people ask me where i got it.
thx bjs :D

By Anonymous

good hoop (12 December 2007)

Have it in my lip at da mo. good stuff cant complain bout it at all.

By Anonymous

A Great Product (13 October 2007)

I have one of these in my nose piercing at the moment and i think it looks great the 1.2mm x 8mm is the perfect size for me and its very easy to get in and out of my piercing without the need of ring opening/closing pliers. Another great product at a very good price.

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