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By from London

So comfortable (05 March 2014)

I bought two to wear in my ears and they're honestly so comfortable especially for every day use. The flat backs stop them from pressing into your head when you sleep. I'd assume they'd be great in the nose as well, I mean, they're so dainty and light, you'd probably forget you had them in until someone mentions it or something.

By from Dorset

Best nose stud I've used (30 September 2013)

These are a godsend! Slightly awkward to get in but once it's secure it ain't going anywhere. Unlike traditional nose studs that seem to come out every time I blow my nose!! Also far more comfy, you don't have the end bit poking you in the nostril somewhere and taking up your whole nasal passage with the bendy bit. Definitely worth the extra couple of quid.

By from Idaho, USA

Love it! (02 July 2013)

I absolutely love this! I was tired of studs falling out and got this one and I love it and it's really comfortable! It took a couple minutes to get it in as it is a different style than I am used to, but it stays in really well. The price was great and it shipped to me really fast! Highly recommend this!


great (14 June 2013)

I decided to go for titanium because I was reacting to silver, so this stud is perfect for my nose piercing! It's a bit tricky to get it as you have to put it in from the inside of your nose, and the ball is a bit bigger than what I expected, but great value for money seeing as it's titanium and it can't fall out or get caught on anything! Thanks :)

By from Newcastle

Great. (30 December 2012)

I used this for work (I just took off the ball and pushed it in) and it stayed in place perfectly for months, a really great product.

By from Worksop

Best nose stud I've ever used (14 September 2011)

This really is brilliant and extremely comfortable. It's a fiddle to get it in, but definitely worth it. Haven't managed to get it out yet though, combination of it being stiff (probably) and not being able to get a proper grip on it with it being in my nose.

By from Cheshire

Comfy :-) (10 March 2011)

Been after something a little more permanent for my ear lobe and cartilage piercings (7 in total). Trouble is I struggle to sleep in studs and am not a fan of hoops. With the slim 1mm post and smooth, flat backs these have proven a really comfortable long term wear. The post is a nice length for the lobe and certainly sticks out less than a stud when worn in the cartilage. I have experienced only minor streching of the holes, which to be honest shrink back within a few days of taking them out (not so true for the cartilage but the lobes certainly). All in all 'two very enthusiastic thumbs up' :-) x

By from fife

:D (11 August 2010)

I really like this stub as Is comfy. Looks lovely. My first stud ov this kind so was a bit fiddle to get in but once u get the hang ov it, its fine,

By Anonymous

:) (15 June 2008)

I really like the look of this stud, as the ball is small and subtle. The ball is sometimes fiddly to get on though, because of its size.

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