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amazing (15 August 2013)

I bought this for my tragus and I was very pleased when it came! Lovely colours and can't wait to wear it!

By from UK

Cuuuute!! (05 April 2012)

Just arrived today (ordered yesterday 3:00pm) There so small just what I wanted so they would be discreet. Ball size maybe 2-3mm PERFECT!! Can't wear them yet as only got my double helix pierced 2 days ago, but I couldn't resist them.

Mine are more green than pink but that's fine as there all individual.

SOOO HAPPY!!! Definitely would recommend them :D

Also got purple micro bananabells also perfect size.

By from Staffordshire, UK

Excellent!!!!!!! (16 February 2011)

I've been having trouble with my cartilage piercing ever since I had it pierced, I can't wear a hoop earing in it cos it just hurt when I lay on it and a normal stud would just stab me in my head so I decided to get the 6mm barbell and I wish I'd thought of it sooner, its excellent, as soon as I got it in I knew I'd made the right decision, comfortable when lying down and standing up, and lets face it for £2.95 you've got nothing to lose by trying it :)

By from kent uk

cuite (23 January 2011)

excelent size for you ear and rather easy to put ball on

By Anonymous

FAB (08 May 2010)

This is a great bar to wear, I brought mine for a tongue piercing originally but realised it was too small when i recieved it, so i put it in my ear and its great. Looks cool and feels really comfy

By Anonymous

Wow (02 October 2009)

I was a bit worried about this bar when i ordered it, but its perfect and its comfy and its differnet witch is why i like it, fabuouls.

By Anonymous

:) (13 June 2009)

I love this, its a great colour and a good price. Unfortunatly I lost one of the balls :( But I definatly plan on buying another one!

By Anonymous

Stunning colour (15 June 2008)

The colour in this bar is great - I bought it for my helix (at 8mm it was too long, but I wear it from time to time when I have my hair pulled back). The balls are well-threaded, and as a cartilage bar this one is a good choice.

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