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By from United States

Daith Bar (21 August 2015)

This Ti-Glo Bananabell in an 8mm ends up being just perfect for a daith. The barbell is super comfortable inside the ear, and is unobtrusive but secure. The curve is at such an angle that the bar can be fully rotated without any pain, which just adds to the comfort.

By from UK

Great (20 August 2012)

Changed my double helix with these in 6mm for the first time since having them pierced. The length is great, there's a tiny bit of space at the back so it's not too long or too short.

I bought a micro barbell in multiple colours to wear with it (if you need more than one ball it's cheaper to buy one complete barbell than two balls seperately) so in the future I'll be changing the front instead of the whole thing to avoid irritation.

Wasn't sure if I should of chose a straight barbell but these feel like there not even there and I think are better to go with the curve of your ear.

By Anonymous

r (09 March 2011)

Nice and shiny, good quality finish. also great in my ear piercings. :)

By Anonymous

Perfect for rook piercing (02 December 2009)

It's easy to remove balls and titanium seems very bright. Very good quality!

By Anonymous

Rook piercing (18 November 2009)

This piece of jewellery is perfect for my rook! I got it in 6mm and I love it! <333 Super comfy

By Anonymous

perfect for septums! (15 April 2009)

I wear my curved micro bananabell in my septum as I don't like it being on show so much, so this jewellery is perfect for it as you can just see the balls and with the size of them it makes it look still girlie

By Anonymous

Titanium Micro Bananabells - Ti-Glo (13 December 2008)

These are great if u want a more subtle look as the balls are really small. This looks great in my eyebrow piercing

By Anonymous

versatile (18 November 2008)

I have many curved barbells, because like CBR's they can be used in almost any piercing, I used them in my anti eyebrow, my horizontal eyebrow, my bridge, and when I had standard ear piercing, these were good alternative because I deteste butterfly clips on earrings. I also use these in nostril piercings, because I found it hard to find 1.2mm nose all-round essential piece of jewellery for any piercing!

By Anonymous

Nice product (24 June 2008)

I purchased one of these to put into my vertical labret (lip) piercing.
I was wearing a 12mm length curved bar, but this quickly became too long after the swelling subsided.
I chose a 8mm length x 1.2mm gauge bar, it's great, a lot better length wise and sits where I want it to.
Just on the note of length - if you are unsure which length to go for then your studio can measure you piercing with a pair of verniers and advise you.
I was unsure about the colour from the web page - but it's just a plain simple silver, the balls are nice, really small and in keeping with the gauge of the bar.
All together a great purchase and £1.50 cheaper than purchasing them from my local studio.

By Anonymous

Good effect (11 May 2008)

I have this in my eyebrow, a nice change from nmy zircon bar. Not quite as subtle, but has a nice effect anyway. This bar is well-threaded, and is exactly as it looks here. Perfect bar for eyebrows, especially when you've never had a bar in before and are a little wary of it.

By Anonymous

vertical labret (28 April 2008)

i wear one of these in my vertical labret (1.2x10mm) and find it really comfy, you can change both balls of you wish and because its titanium it can used in a fresh piercing (most piercings places offer a discount if you bring your own jewelery)
great price too ^^
can be used for eyebrow and various ear piercings too (rook,daith etc)

By Anonymous

I love this (30 November 2007)

this product is good for people who are not use to having an eyebrow ring, both of the balls are removable so you can change that balls from one to another, they also are very comfy as well!

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