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By from Sweden

purple! (01 November 2012)

I love it but its so small so i lost 1 immediatly and had to put in a silver pearl :/ But it looks rely good, the colour is amazing! Would like bigger pearls thou.

By from UK

FAB!! (05 April 2012)

Bought these for my 2 day old double helix as I couldn't resist. My ear has babanabells in now so I thought I'd buy these for when it's healed.

The colours just slightly pinkier than the picture but purple is my FAVOURITE colour and these are lush!!

The balls are tiny so they'll be discreet which is what I wanted (I ordered the 3mm ball)

I would highly recommend them and they arrived next day too.


By Anonymous

Nice colour (09 February 2010)

I used to wear this in my eyebrow, it was super comfy. I now wear it in my ears, has a nice, different colour, it is more exciting than the plain barbells. Also the balls stay on well.

By Anonymous

I have a couple in different colours (20 January 2010)

So comfortable to wear and looks nice. Even comfortable under a hat

By Anonymous

good buy (26 August 2009)

Bought this to replace the plain titanium micro bananabell my eyebrow was pierced with.
Gorgeous colour and the ball screws on/off easily without being loose.

By Anonymous

A Nice Change =] (06 November 2007)

I bought this for my rook piercing because I was bored of the plain steel bar and wanted a change.

This is really comfy and the balls come of really easily. I love the purple colour so much that I bought a nose screw in the same colour =]

I'd recommend this for anyone who wants a micro bananbell because it's a cute colour and really comfy =]

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