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By from Romania

Shines and is a cool green tone (02 January 2011)

I love this green tone and it looks good on my eyebrow. I just wasn't sure of my size so the one I ordered is larger, but because it's bananabells I used only the ends on another 1.2mm support.
I think I'll get more Titanium Micro Bananabells of different colors.

By Anonymous

Sexy beast. (22 June 2010)

Amazing colour (and is very much the bright green shown in the image) and shine. Looks amazing in my rook. Love it. <3

By Anonymous

Funk looking thing.... (24 June 2009)

I've just has a new lip piercing: a vertical central labret piercing.

I've got this in my lip and it looks COOLl!!! I must admit that when it was first delivered I didn't think much of it but as soon as I put it in I don't wanna take it out! I'm now going to order it in the all the different colours... that's how much I love it!

By Anonymous

Simple but stylish (05 June 2009)

I think this product is very versatile - although it's aimed at eyebrow piercings, I use it for my rook piercing and I think it would definitely suit those other fiddly ear piercings, such as the daith.
I particularly like the way it can be customised with different balls etc without the need to buy new jewellery altogether.
However, I wish it came in a smaller gauge - I had a lot of trouble getting it in! And also, the picture here shows it being a much brighter green than it actually is, although that's not a big problem.

By Anonymous

Love the colour! (07 January 2008)

Got one of these for my |VL. Love the colour of it even though it is very different from the pic, much more of a blue/green!

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