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By from Canada

Exceeded my expectations (08 November 2019)

I honestly thought this was an awful cheap company. To my utter surprise the shipping was fast, the quality is super nice, and the jewellery itself is so comfy!! I was worried the thread wasn't going to work with the rest of my attachments from my other studs and it ended up being the exact same, so now I can keep using my other pieces with this new stud. I'm so impressed. I love the backing, it is so much more comfortable than the one I have that's more flat backed. My problem was that the flatness created annoying suction, and it was too long. The 8mm is too long, and the 6mm is too short. This 7 mm is literally perfect, and I can feel how much better Titanium feels in my face. Thank you so much!

By from Denmark

So good (11 September 2011)

This stud is so comfy to wear as it reduces knocking against your teeth and gums.
-BUT i did find one rather big problem with mine... No other balls fits, only the one that came with it :-(

By from Exeter

Perfect!! (22 June 2011)

I got one of these as I was constantly chewing my way through Bioplast studs which was really disrupting my lip piercing. Its lightweight and so comfortable!
Love the fact it comes in 9mm, I find the standard lip stud length (8mm) is too uncomfortable and tight for my piercing (i have a central lip piercing in the bottom, through the thickest part of my lip) and 10mm is too long and catches on my teeth when i talk. So it fits great too!
Very happy!

By Anonymous from UK

Excellent (03 April 2011)

I had no idea that titanium was so much nicer than steel, this is brilliant! Well worth the money, especially when considering that it's much better for your teeth.

By from Canada

Great! (17 November 2010)

These studs are perfect. I had a regular labret stud that kept getting caught on my gums and really irritating my mouth. I bought this one, and it never catches on my gums and its very comfortable. I've had no problems with gum receding or chipping teeth. The ball has also never fallen out. Once it's on, it's super secure and doesn't loosen. I kept being paranoid at the beginning and kept tightening to make sure I wouldn't lose a ball, but it was always tightly screwed on already.

By Anonymous

Perfect! (29 April 2010)

The comfiest and kindest labret you could ever hope for!
It doesnt rub or irritate your gums at all.

By Anonymous

Awesome! (08 March 2010)

This easily has to be the best labret ever made!
I wish I had one of these when I had my first lip piercing. I had to take it out since it seriously destroyed my gums.

never one to learn from my misstakes I had a monroe done in september 08 and had one of these put in.
it hasnt effected my gums whatsoever!
I love love love these!
I will never go back to the old ones.
I have 2 of these and waiting for my third! =)

Thanx from Sweden!

By Anonymous

Excellent! (03 March 2010)

This bar is so comfortable you forget it is there. and it is better for the teeth so thats great! i totally recommend this product!

By Anonymous

sooo comfy (27 October 2009)

i got one of these for my madonna after finding the standard labrets scraped on my teeth and gums and felt uncomfortable. i wish i had got one sooner, cos it is unbelievably comfortable; you hardly notice it's there. i will definitely be sticking to these in future!

By Anonymous

Lovely! (14 August 2009)

Over the years I've had many different studs for my labret, but this is by far the best one I've brought. Very comfortable to wear, and looks really good too!

By Anonymous

Brilliant (26 July 2009)

My piercing felt quite uncomfortable healing with the original labret used to pierce my lip with so changed to one of these during healing period and what a relief!! A 9mm one
So comfortable and can't even tell its there! :-))

I'm ordering a smaller shaft size(as swelling has gone down now!)and having an extra piercing and taking my 9mm one to get the piercer to use that instead of their usual 'shop one' as the disc that sits inside your mouth is just way too big and irritates the heck of me and I'm sure it does others too!!??!! With it being titanium I know its good stuff and tons prefer that to the shops one 'way too wide disc stud' anyday of the week!! :-))
Thank again! :-))

By Anonymous

FINALLY! A labret that doesn't hurt my lip and gums! (08 July 2009)

As someone who was pirced with a BCR, I've always found labrets painful yet ocasionally neccissary. The white plastic and more rounded edges of the back of this labret does not seem to hurt at all.

One tiny drawback - I tried cleaning it in Hydrogen Peroxide solution, which oxidised the metal and turned it black. Oops - my fault really!

By Anonymous

Best labret I've had.. (27 June 2009)

Doesn't annoy my gums, and unlike plastic ones, they don't break after being bitten a few times (which I have a tendency to do :P)

Looks really nice too.

By Anonymous

The best labret i have come across (20 April 2009)

I tried this smaller style to see if i could get away with wearing it at my work (in a large clothing chain) which frowned on lip piercings, and it worked so now i can continue to wear my piercing without any hassel.
I also love the way it looks, the smaller version shows that i have it pierced but isn't too 'in your face'. Very tasteful!
I was having problems with my piercing scratching my teeth (i have it in the middle) but this seems to have solved that problem, the base is rounded so its not a hard plate agaist your teeth.

I've bought this product 3 times in a row now and its a firm favourite.

By Anonymous

Quality piece of jewellery! (05 April 2009)

There is more white "plastic" than shown on the picture, and it is not as flat as it looks.

Does reduce knocking on teeth and gums. Definitely the best piece of lip jewellery ive used!

By Anonymous

Excellent! (23 February 2009)

I bought 2 of these for my snakebites and they're lush. They look so smart with the smaller 3mm balls on them like the micro-labret's. The white back on these really help stop them from banging against my teeth and feel a lot smoother, like the other reviewer said, you can barely feel theyre there. There is a lot more white on the back that the picture shows, its more rounded which helps. Overall great product and a great site!!!

By Anonymous

Highly Recommended! (19 January 2009)

I bought one of these as many other labret studs were irritating to my teeth and gums. I have never had any problems with this one as the white portion of the stud ensures you never feel a thing! It's so comfy to wear, I don't know what I would do without it (I would have probably taken out my piercing by now).

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (09 May 2008)

I bought this labret to downsize from a larger 1.6mm (for aesthetic reason) that I was pierced with long ago.

The white part at the bottom is spread out far more than in the picture, giving more protection to your teeth and gums.
With my other labret, I could always tell it's there, and it would once in a while hit against my teeth giving a light scrape. I never feel that with this.

Most of the time I have to check that it hasn't fallen out! I can barely tell it's in there.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone worried about this gum recession talk (a quick Google search about it and the procedure afterwards would worry anyone!).

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