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By from Highcliffe

Perfect (16 May 2019)

Love this stud, bought in the 1mm size. Great quality and great fit, easy to put in considering it was the first time I have changed the stud since having my nose pierced. It’s very comfortable and very pretty, perfect size, not too big and not too small, just enough bling. Will be buying more colours when in stock. Fast delivery too.

By from lancashire

Jewelled stud (20 November 2014)

The best nose ring I have ever bought.So comfy and sparkles lovely.Will be getting more:)

By from Belfast

Love it! (29 July 2012)

I have a tiny nose so a lot of other studs are too big and the tail pokes out the end of my nose, but this is perfect! The tail sits snugly against the inside of my nostril and because it's such a small bend I have no worry of it poking out! It takes a bit of getting use to when putting it in because the bend is so small but you get used to it - I can put it in really quickly now (if I ever take it out!)

By from Scotland

Love These!! (02 July 2012)

I love these studs and bought one in each colour.

A shorter length than some of the other studs, these are very comfy, well made and look fantastic.

Best thing is they are made of titanium which is the best to wear whilst healing and after, perfect!!

By from bournemouth

beautiful (03 June 2012)

Fits more snugly than any other stud i have bourght and doesnt tend to stick out from inside your nose. The stone is beautiful too, really sparkly but discreet enough for me to wear to work.

By from Seattle, WA

Titanium Jewelled Nostril Studs - Crystal AB. (29 July 2011)

I own fife colors of this nose ring, AB crystal being my favorite. It fits like a dream, but is a chore to put in. Totally awesome wearable area, just right, short tail, which basically contributes to the comfort once inside. I cannot even feel it, awesome! Also love that it is titanium. Great price. I have a few more nose rings so much more expensive, gold, real diamonds, but always end up putting back in this one.

By from Reading UK

Great nose screw (31 March 2011)

Love this item, it does have a tight bend but once it's in it is so comfortable and the little gem is subtle and sparkles, and catches other colours in the light. It's lovely and I have ordered a blue one in the same style. Thank you BJS for a great product!

By Anonymous

this nose stud = the BEST nose stud (14 January 2011)

This has been my main nose stud for a couple of years now. The shape's a bit fiddly to get in, but once it's in I find it a more comfortable and secure fit than a lot of studs. And it looks great - cute but classy, subtle but not *too* subtle. It's perfect!

By Anonymous

Soooo great (20 February 2010)

This is the first stud I have put in since I got my nose done. I love it. It is so much smaller and I cant feel it at all. I love that it is right on my nose, it does not stand out way from my nose. It is so sparkly and I love it. Thanks Body Jewellery Shop

By Anonymous

Yes! (26 May 2009)

This one is by far the best! They all fit well but you cannot beat the sparkle of this one!

Absolutely in love with it! It goes with everything!

By Anonymous

wow (10 April 2009)

these look fantastic in and fit really nicely.

By Anonymous

Titanium Jewelled Nostril Studs - Crystal AB. (15 January 2009)

Really pleased with this one, looks fantastic.

By Anonymous

Great product! (25 September 2008)

This looks lovely in, it's comfy and doesn't fall out.
Perfecto :o)

By Anonymous

Soooo pleased (25 June 2008)

I'm really happy with my purchase. It fits perfectly and looks fantastic and also the snug fit means I'm not catching it all the time, so has really made the healing process speed up. Thank you :0)

By Anonymous

Sparkly! (26 February 2008)

I am very satisfied with this product! Fits so well, and looks so pretty too. Unlike previous nostril studs I have had, this one has never fallen out! I can only recomment it!

By Anonymous

Sparkly! (31 January 2008)

Very comfortable, doesn't hang out of my nose, the silver colour is very subtle, as is the crystal AB, which, incidentally, is very very sparkly!

By Anonymous

pretty nose screws :) (16 October 2007)

These are very comfy to wear, i changed my intial nose stud to this after 3 weeks and found my nose healed better wearing it. There are a nice choice of colours and they are quite discreet! Plus the sparkle makes something interesting to look at when your bored in class- i look down my nose to see the pretty colours reflected in the light :P

By Anonymous

Great nose stud! (07 May 2005)

These nose studs are so comfortable to wear. Since I've only ever worn the surgical steel stud I had my nose pierced with, I was a bit worried about putting anything new in, but they are really easy to put in, are great colours and definetely value for money :)

By Anonymous

Jewelled nose studs (24 April 2005)

Absolutely worth every penny and look gorgeous! I love the different colours, they look great and wonderful price value, I am exceptionally pleased!

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