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By Anonymous

Excellent!! (26 May 2012)

I have trouble using a curved barbell in my rook piercing, so I thought I'd give this a try. It's absolutely fantastic as I can easily screw the balls on which is otherwise very tricky. It is a very comfortable piece of jewellery and I am always complimented when I wear it. Would definitely recommend. A**

By Anonymous

Worth the buy. (01 June 2010)

They are really good to buy and look cute in lip piercings (i have snakebites, i wear them in both). Make sure that to buy the right size though. Also i would recommend buying spare balls as it is really easy to lose the balls as they can come off easily.

By Anonymous

Comfy (20 November 2009)

These are so comfy in upper ear piercings, I don't even feel like i have anything in my ears at night. I never take them out because I don't want them to close up, but with this you don't need to. It looks good too: about to buy a second! The 14 gauge isn't actually too much of a stretch from the 12, but I don't recommend going any larger than this!

By Anonymous

Titanium Circular Barbell - Tiglow (05 October 2009)

My favourite piecing yet for my labret piercing! Definitely more noticeable than your standard labret studs, and more comfortable on, since you don't get the back of it rubbing against your gums.

Also find that the ball doesn't fall of accidentally so easily with it.

Will definitely be buying more in the future! :-D

By Anonymous

Excellent (27 February 2009)

Great item. Looks good too!. Next item will be the bigger ones (diameter) and bigger balls. Being new to piercings (nipple), I don't think I thought enough about sizes etc, so will be coming back soon to get some more.

Brilliant service too!

By Anonymous

Good buy (04 February 2009)

I normally wear gold earrings but they always end up tarnishing in my ears...that cant be good! So i decided to replace them with these.
I couldnt believe my luck when i saw them, as i was told by a local piercer that i couldnt buy this style in a 1.2 gauge!

They are the perfect size, like your average sleeper loops. If you like something a little more discreet and smart then these are the earrings for you.

Fastening the balls is tricky but its far less frustrating than trying to use ball closure rings!!

A couple of obvious tips:
Fasten one ball before you put them in (i only realised this after i had struggled with the first one!), then fasten the other over the sink with the plug in! I dropped one of the balls and thankfully found it again!!

Really good buy!, so good ive got my friend to order some!

By Anonymous

I wear one of these in my septum (02 February 2009)

and it's terrific. Looks very cute, gets plenty of compliments, and it's far easier to put in and take out than a BCR!

By Anonymous

circular barbell (03 July 2008)

these look great in my lip and ear, the balls a bit fiddly but once you get the hang of it its fine, good product

By Anonymous

Great product (06 June 2008)

Like the other stuff I have bought off here I felt this was a very good buy, I bought an 1.6x8mm one for my septum and it fits really well and the balls tighten securely.

By Anonymous

Looks amazing :)! (14 April 2008)

This looks perfect in my septum & also in my lip too!
Only downside is that sometimes the balls unscrew slightly, but overall, very good!

By Anonymous

Top buy (13 April 2008)

At first it takes a bit to get used to the balls and not dropping them (I still do!) but it looks good and feels comfortable.
It can look like a ball-closure ring but without the factor of not being able to remove it without a piercist!
V. good

By Anonymous

Circular barbells (08 February 2008)

These are so cute, the balls are fiddley though, I love them so much, I want more in my ear! Better go to the piercers asap!

By Anonymous

Tiglow (26 January 2008)

Look grea and very easy to put in and get the ball on and he balls are secure if put on tight enough

By Anonymous

8mm light blue and green (07 June 2007)

Really beautiful colours and jingle like fairies in my ears!!!
Easy to use, just keep making sure the balls are tight :-p

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