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By Anonymous

Cutie pie (17 May 2010)

Really sweet - having to re-order with more cause they are soooooo cute - perfect to set off the blackline cones in the other holes!

By Anonymous

Sweet (14 February 2010)

A decent buy, looks nice and isnt uncomfortable

By Anonymous

:) (07 July 2009)

I got this for my lip andddddd love it :)
Well worth getting, easy to change too!

By Anonymous

=] (26 June 2009)

very easy to put in, looks great in m septum..

i would recomend this to anyone with a septum piercing =]
gonna get in different colours to match my different outfits teehee

By Anonymous

I love these! (02 February 2009)

BCRs are cool, but awful to put in.

These things are an absolute doddle in comparison - and they look fantastic in pierced septums.

Better yet, this shade of purple matches my glasses perfectly, heehee :)

By Anonymous

circular bar bell (29 July 2008)

this looks amazing in a lip piercing!!!!! its a change from a normal stud or hoop, the colour really stands out as well. well worth the money.

By Anonymous

cool. (25 June 2008)

This looks great in my septum.

By Anonymous

great (30 April 2008)

This looks great in my septum piercing!

By Anonymous

Awesome (09 March 2008)

This came really quickly and looks great in Tragus piercings !!

Really nice colour = )


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