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By Anonymous

Excellent!! (06 August 2012)

I have trouble using a curved barbell in my rook piercing, so I thought I'd give this a try. It's absolutely fantastic as I can easily screw the balls on which is otherwise very tricky. It is a very comfortable piece of jewellery and I am always complimented when I wear it. Would definitely recommend. A**

By Anonymous

Unique look (14 July 2010)

I got one of these for my second lobe piercing and it really stands out. Before I just had a silver stud in (next to my tunnel) and this looks great.

By Anonymous

great (24 March 2010)

Love the colour, I am wearing it in the ear, and it looks different from all them silver earrings, great

By Anonymous

Wonderful (24 March 2010)

Colored titanium circular barbells are a great way to add a little style. I used this particular ring for my sceptum and I have to say it is really light and comfortable. Way better than my old surgical steel ring.

By Anonymous

Somthing different. (04 April 2008)

I bought this product with the intention of wearing it in my lip...When I got it, I looked at it and thought hmmmm, lets try it in the nostril. It is the perfect size for a nostril ring, and the balls are pretty easy to get on once it is in your piercing. It certainly did look different in my nostril, I had the balls on the outside of my nose rather than inside my nose.

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