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By from Northern Ireland

Just what I needed! (31 July 2013)

I bought this for my septum...I was pierces with a 12mm circular barbell and kept it hidden as how massive it was. Bought this...easy to put in and although the balls were fiddly I got there eventually! Nice and snug...delicate looking and easy to flip up and hide for work etc. Nice quality too! Uploaded picture to let others see!

By Anonymous

Awesome :) (24 July 2013)

Bought this for my helix piercing as I found it difficult to find nice jewellery in 1.6mm and didn't want to buy smaller because that was the size it was pierced with. It is a perfect size and is really comfortable; I wear it all the time and forget it's there! The balls are a bit small and therefore quite fiddly, but it didn't take too long to get the hang of it. Overall a good buy, I would definitely recommend it :)

By from England

PERFECT!!! (29 May 2013)

Just had my septum pierced for 2 weeks when I changed the jewellery. I had a big 10mm blackline circular barbells with 5mm balls, so knew I needed something more petite like this one here!

When it came back in stock, I rushed to grab an 8mm one, and when it came in the post, I changed from the old one to this one, and it's just perfect!

Nice and snug under my nose, not too dangly, or heavy!

Really easy to put in as well, though the ball was fiddly because the space between my nose and the jewellery was next to nothing! Got it on after a few minutes, though.

I'm tempted to get the gold and blackline versions as well once they're back in stock! :)

By Anonymous

Yess (13 June 2010)

Absolutely perfect for my septum piercing - I wanted something smaller than what I got pierced with and the 3mm balls are amazing and cute.

By Anonymous

Top product! (29 April 2010)

Bought two of these in two different sizes for my septum. Bought them on different occasions - the 10mm one was slightly too big for my tastes - but the 8mm was perfect! However the 8mm was very difficult to get in, but that's septum piercings for you! Great quality material.

By Anonymous

perfect and simple item (20 September 2009)

i bought this for my lip about a year ago and is so comfortable to wear, mine is a 1.6 x 8mm and fits just snug. it is really easy to get in and i love that i can change the balls to various colours when i get bored. however they can also be slightly fiddly so its best to do it somewhere where your not likely to lose your ball.
i now want another one for my septum which i am getting pierced soon.

By Anonymous

mm. (02 May 2009)

The product is quite nice I love the length, (I got the 8mm) one, though I don't know whether or not I expected too much but looking at the picture I expected it to be a little different to a normal silver bar, the balls are really fiddly but I guess with practice it will get easier, so easily lost though so I will be buying some 3 mm back ups xD.
Great quick delivery, arrived this morning :D!

By Anonymous

ace! (26 November 2008)

I bought one of these for my septum and it's fab. it's cute and lady-like, and if you tease them a little with some jewellers pliers they flip up like a retainer too

By Anonymous

Nice (30 June 2008)

Really nice and subtle, Good quality material. Great price.

By Anonymous

Lip/Septum (10 June 2008)

This product it great, my friend uses one for his lip and he has no complaints. it make your piercing look less bulky and slimmer, its fantastic.

By Anonymous

septum (04 February 2008)

These give a great look in a septum, when you don't want it to stand out so much these are perfect

By Anonymous

Lips and labrets (30 October 2007)

These CCB's look great in lips and the Caviar range is great for people with small lips. When a large ball would look totally overpowering these do the job great.

By Anonymous

Perfect for septums (26 October 2007)

Perfect combination of a 1.6mm stem and cute little balls. Although titainium is a more expensive option, it's worth it in my opinion. Really high-quality jewellery.

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