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By Anonymous

Brilliant (10 May 2010)

i bought two of these when i was still at the very early stages of streatching my lobes and i absolutely loved them and i got lots of people saying they loved the colour i now wear them in my second lobe pircings and i don't plan on changing them anytime soon

By Anonymous

Fab (: (27 July 2009)

Not as bright as the picture shows but it's a gorgeous shade of blue - i love it! I have a 16mm long bar in my tongue with 5mm balls and it's the perfect size. I was worried at first about having a titanium bar as I didn't want to chip any teeth or anything because I do have a habit of biting my bars! But because I chose 5mm balls I hardly even feel that it's there and so don't play with it as much.

It's definitely noticable when I'm speaking and that and i've had some compliments about the colour too.

Overall a fab product once again from BJS - definitely coming back for all the other colours!

By Anonymous

colours (27 June 2008)

i love these colours they're really brite and eye catching.

By Anonymous

I Love It (: (15 May 2008)

The colour is a bit different from the pic but not a huge difference lol. It's so cute! I wear one in my tongue piercing and it looks great! I love titanium!

By Anonymous

Great (13 February 2008)

These don't really look as blue as they do in the picture but as always from BJS, great quality. Very shiny.

By Anonymous

Ice Blue barbells (08 February 2008)

These barbells are really nice, they suit my second lobe lovely, though the colour is slightly lighter than in the picture.

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