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By Anonymous

Perfect! (23 August 2013)

I bought this for my nostril piercing and found it surprisingly easy to put the segment back in. It's really comfortable to wear as you can twist it all the way through the piercing and looks a lot less intrusive or 'hard' as a BCR in a nostril piercing.

By from Israel

Great buy. (22 January 2011)

Got these for my Helix holes, 2 of them, They look great, Very comfortable to wear, Infection free.
Also added the picture of it, With the spade flesh plug.
The Ti Glow closure rings are both of size 1.6mm x 8mm.
Great buy, Honest.

By Anonymous

awesome (30 March 2010)

at first i was wary about buying this, as i thought the bars would be too fiddly to put in, but they were suprisingly simple to fit, they clicked in so easily and didnt come out or come loose at all.
and they were so comfortable to wear, didn't get in the way or anything (:

By Anonymous

great (14 September 2009)

A lot more comfortable than a smooth segment ring to wear in a septum piercing. I might buy this in the other available colors too ( ^ ^)b

By Anonymous

great ring (06 August 2009)

this is a very comfortuble ring to wear, and cheap too.
i do like this website, there is a great choice and speedy delivery!!

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