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By from Wales

Perfect! (27 January 2019)

I used this piece to stretch my nostril from 22g to 18g, so the piercing is discreet but visible - and this is perfect! I was worried the ball would stick out or seem too big, but it's a wonderful size.

The post is longer than I expected, but that turned out great considering the puffiness of a newly stretched piercing!

The delivery was super quick, the product is just as described and the quality is great. All for a great price.

I'll definitely be buying from here again!

By from Leeds

Fab! (13 March 2014)

This is a great little nose stud, cute and discreet but still visible enough! Very comfortable and easy to change, plus this website is fab! Great prices and very quick delivery!

By Anonymous

Cute (20 October 2011)

Cute little ball hardly noticeable great for school or work

By Anonymous

Great! (17 May 2010)

I'm always loosing Nose Studs to the plughole in the shower so it's good to find nice cheap ones that arrive quickly, and so far this one hasn't fallen out once so I think I'm on to a winner! Yay!

By Anonymous

Excellent! (07 May 2010)

I now have three of these (Ti glo, green and purple) They are so comfortable to wear, never catch on clothing, easy to put in/take out, easy to clean, dont irritate . A perfect nose stud!!!

By Anonymous

My First (29 August 2009)

my nose was the first thing i had pierced and after this stud i was so happy i got lots more pierced. its so easy to put in and doesn;t fall out. thumbs up!

By Anonymous

So cute (19 January 2009)

They are a bit fiddly to get in at first, but I love the simple look of them.

Such a bargain price too!

By Anonymous

Woo (28 August 2008)

I love these, they're comfy and don't fall out.. I bought it in green afterwards because i was so chuffed, lol :)

By Anonymous

just waw (15 July 2008)

this was the first thing i oderd fom this website. i have two and both have been great for my piercing. i dont have any trouble with them and it was easy to order and came soon after i ordered! over all i was VERY pleased & have carried on to use the site & recomended it to friends!


By Anonymous

This saved my piercing! (13 May 2008)

I've heard so many people say they can't deal with nose screws as they continually come out [probably through palying with it] but after a lot of trouble I had trying to heal a nose ring, I bought this stud and it pretty much saved my piercing! I've never had a single problem with it and it's never become caught on clothing or whatever. Looks lovely when it's in and it's very comfortable to wear. Plus, being titanium, it's less likely to cause any sort of reaction. Perfect!

By Anonymous

They're great! (15 January 2008)

I have both sides of my nose pierced and wear one of these in each side. They're very comfortable and the slight curve ensures they stay in!
Initially you may need to use a mirror whilst putting it in but once you get the hang of it you'll never want to use straight studs again!
Delivered very quickly, have recommended this website numerous times!

By Anonymous

A great basic piece! (13 July 2007)

I recently purchased another one of these little nostril screws to replace my last one as it had fallen down the sink- oops!

It arrived a day after I ordered it and was so easy to put in my piercing, it is also really easy to remove.

The ball on the nostril screw is a great size and will suit anyone with their nose pierced! It's also good quality and well priced, a must have for anyone with their nose pierced!

By Anonymous

10 stars - a must-have (10 September 2006)

This jewellery is a must-have for anyone with a nostril piercing because it's small and subtle and won't go anywhere! It's suitable for any occasion and makes a great spare if you lose a nostril screw. I finally have got the knack of removing and putting in nostril screws and it's really not just need to take your time :)

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