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By from Andover

i love this product (11 February 2011)

ive had a couple of these now and they're such good value i wear it along with a pair of the purple titanium labrets in my snakebites and second lobe piercings and they match up so well and look beautiful


Pretty (05 January 2011)

Having all silver coloured jewellery in my piercings got a little boring so i decided to spice it up with one of these purple coloured titanium nose studs. It was really easy to put in and looks good with my other silver nose stud. I definitley plan on buying these in different colours. Mix and match :D

By Anonymous

Excellent nose stud (20 May 2010)

At first when i saw i thought it might be a little small for my fat nostrils but i slipped it in easily and it's just nice and snug love it.

By Anonymous

Titanium Purple (29 April 2010)

Just received my order...this is a great little nose stud, fits well, looks good, finish excellent. Highly recommend.

By Anonymous

I like it! (01 July 2009)

I just got my cute purple stud :)) and I like it very much. The colour is even better "live" than in the picture!

By Anonymous

=] (01 April 2009)

i just brought this and it looks really nice in. i was bored with just plain silver . im tempted to get the other colours . bit tricky to get in but once it i won't fall out like other studs

By Anonymous

Really Pretty (15 October 2007)

I bought this for my little sister for her birthday. I wanted to get her something a bit more unusual than the usual silver, gold or jewel studs that was still really feminine. This nose stud is really pretty and isn't too big. She says it doesn't fall out so it really does the job.

By Anonymous

Perfect (16 August 2006)

If you want something in your nostril to be both subtle and matching (with other jewellery, make-up or your clothes) then these are the answer! They're beautiful little things and won't fall out of your nose.

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