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By Anonymous

Excellent piercing (29 March 2010)

This ring (1,2mm*8mm) has been on my eyebrow for almost 3 years now. I've never had any problems with it, as it's real easy to maintain, and looks excellent, if I may say so myself. It takes a couple of days to get used to wearing a ring if you're switching from a standard barbell or bananabell, but it's not really much of a problem.

By Anonymous

Amazing! (09 February 2010)

I brought these rings for my snakebites (1.6 by 8mm) and they are the best BCR's I have ever purchased, they aren't as shiny as the picture shown but it doesn't matter to much.

The only downfall is how hard they are to get in! but once they're in they look amazing. A must buy for any piercing!

By Anonymous

Love it! (24 January 2010)

I absolutely adore this piece of jewellery, I ordered this in the smallest diameter X 1.6mm for my septum, and it's so cute and comfortable. Easy to put in and take out, and it's good as an alternative for a circular barbell. Also good if you have a smaller nose and don't want a huge piece of jewellery in your septum, highly recommended for ANY piercing.

By Anonymous

- (21 March 2009)

i really love this, i use it for my nose and when its not there its in my ear ;] amazing.

By Anonymous

Bargain! (19 January 2009)

I had my nose pierced and the jewellery I had in was very irritating. Luckily these simple bcr's come in a tiny 1mm, and now I have one in my nostril piercing and it feels so much more comfortable!

The ball is pretty easy to get in these smaller bcr's, but I have to admit I struggle with larger gauge bcr's!

Great price, for a great product.

By Anonymous

Essential buy! (27 October 2008)

These bcrs are a definate must for anyone with a piercing. They are so versatile, and look great.
I own various different sizes and colours of this product, and haven't been able find fault with any. The only problem I've had before was ordering a size to small for my nose, but that is of course my own fault, not bjs.
Easy to put in once you know how - alot easier to do if you buy the ring opening pliers off here, believe me! Not once, have I had any reactions like I have in the past with other jewellery - no itching, and of course with all the different colours available you can mix and match as you choose, alot more choice and only a few pence more than surgical steel!
I'd recommend anyone who has their ear, nose, labret etc pierced to buy one of these. You won't regret it. Once they're in they won't fall out easily and they are soo comfy to wear.

By Anonymous

Misleading picture (22 July 2008)

I normally wear steel BCRs, and I am constantly looking for brighter and more silvery jewellery. When I saw this picture, I thought that I had found one; but sadly I hadn't, my steel ones are brighter. Still, they do the job just fine as BCRs. Low review due to misleading picture.

By Anonymous

sexy silver (01 July 2008)

i got one of these a while ago for my pinna piercing, it looked really cool and i love the sexy silvery colour.

im going to buy another one soon because i lost my last one :(

By Anonymous

Great item! (30 June 2008)

A nice little ring to wear everyday (I also bought some coloured ones too!)

Really good value.

Fiddly getting the ball in when it's on the top of the ear, but worth it!

By Anonymous

Looks Good In Helixes! (09 June 2008)

My auntie got this for my for my helix piercing and it looks gorgeous! The titanium just feels so much better than steel! I'm defintely getting more colours =D

By Anonymous

Great product (06 June 2008)

I bought one for the right side of my lip and It is great. Very cheap and overall a fantastic buy.

By Anonymous

Great (24 April 2008)

I bought this as the first BCR for my lip, and it turned out fantastic.
Took a while to get the ball in, though, and it can be rather tricky. I tend to use surgical gloves whilst putting this in, just to prevent it slipping away in my moist fingers.

Once the ball is in, it's very hard to get out, so it's assuring to know it won't accidentally plop off like other BCRs I've bought (for my ear).
Ovcourse, it does take some effort to get the ball out when you want to change it. I spent a good few minutes.

Pretty solid BCRs don't come as good as this, I'd say.

By Anonymous

Ball closure rings (27 January 2008)

These are great, easy to use and they are a great price

By Anonymous

Must Have (06 November 2005)

These things are the essence of ear piercings, They're fab!
And also they're excellent for stretching piercings (and also much cheaper than studio stretching kits!), :-)

By Anonymous

lovely! (18 September 2005)

These are great, i got 2 light blue ones, so simple but they really brighten up ur ears! Better than heimatite balls i reckon. one ball was a bit lose but nothing u cant sort with a pair of pliers! good price aswell. brill!

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