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By Anonymous

10 out of 10 (25 May 2010)

I got this to give as a present. I carefully inspected it when I received it, I think I may have to get one for myself too! The colour is fantastic, far better than what I saw at shops here. A really bright purple, and very shiny. The titanium is lightweight also, and really good for your holes. Really noticeable.

By Anonymous

awsome (05 March 2010)

this ring is awsome . its an AMAZING COLOUR :D and feels nice to have in . i thought the ball was a bit big though but thats probably just me lol xD overall 10 outta 10 ^^ x.

By Anonymous

Purple! (26 November 2009)

This ring is brilliant, I wear it in my cartilage piercing [pinna]. I've even accidently caught it with my comb and the ball hasn't come out!

By Anonymous

=) (17 December 2008)

Bought this for my gf. she is a bit of a chav so she wouldnt usaly where 1 but she loved the purple 1 only wished it came in pink lol

By Anonymous

Fab colour! (30 June 2008)

I bought three of these, one in this colour... it's great. Very girly and looks lovely in the piercing in the top of my ear.

Really good value too.

By Anonymous

ball closure ring (26 May 2008)

i got thsi for one of my lobe piercings, looks great and stays in. I haven't had any issues with the ball coming loose. The colour has started to fade away a bit on the ring. This may be due to the ampount i play around with this particular piercing though, but it looks awesome on pretty much any piercing.

By Anonymous

At last! Colour!! (24 February 2008)


Its about time more feminine colours are introduced for BCRs.
lol can't wait for pink.......or glow in the dark cool would that be....(well i think so)

By Anonymous

[: (03 February 2008)

got 2 of these couple of months ago
they are REALLY great!
and they look awesome
i love the colour and plan to buy more in different colours (when i get some cash ;])

awesome product, looks good in pretty much all piercings, 10* :D

By Anonymous

Titanium BCR's (08 December 2007)

These are great piercing accessories, they look awesome in most places, and the wide selection of colours mean you can have more for any occasion and outfit. With the aid of some closing pliers these are very easy to put it and stay in whilst you sleep, shower and just about anything else! Great value for money and fabulous quality!

By Anonymous

Titanium 1.0 Ball Closure Rings (04 October 2007)

I bought these in green and purple for my troublesome (gunned) second lobe piercings. Since having them in my ears my second lobes have been perfect, they look great and are so cheap!

By Anonymous

pretty ears!! (11 May 2005)

i have quite a few ear percings n these look so cool!! espesh on cartilidge piercings yay! such a great price too :-)

By Anonymous

colour BCRs (20 February 2005)

I've got these in so many colours you really cant go wrong, they look really good in rows (like mine are 8 on my ear). They'll defintely bring some colour to your piercings, I need more colours! The best choice for all you colourful people out there!

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