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By from London

Great! (02 August 2010)

Nice product, real tough and looks great!

By Anonymous

L-O-V-E IT! <3 (26 June 2010)

Wow, I really fell in love with this one!
Love the cute colors and are not too obvious, but not too simple either.
Really love it, doesn't irritate or anything
Amazing! ;D

By Anonymous

Cute colors! (28 May 2010)

Gosh, when I received it, I was so happy!
It fits amazingly well and I really like the cute colors! ;D
And most of all, it's cheap, so unbelievable, because the quality is GOOD!

By Anonymous

Ball Closure Ring (23 January 2010)

excellent product, very cheap compared to anywhere else and easy to use.

By Anonymous

ball closure ring (17 October 2009)

iv had this for about a year now and its still going strong, it hasnt worn away where the ball is. Great product, im going to get the green one soon.

By Anonymous

Great! (02 April 2009)

Good for when your bored of plain colours. Its cheap and does what it says on the tin. What more could you want!

By Anonymous

Titanium Ball Closure Ring - Dark Blue (13 December 2008)

These are great if you're bored with plain polish jewellery and want to try some different colours. This looks great in my lip piercing but could be use in lots of other piercings as well

By Anonymous

Really Good (06 July 2008)

At first it was really hard to get to ball in but when i opened it a lil bit with piliars and it was awesome goes in and out really easy

By Anonymous

Bit Of Colour (15 March 2008)

I have these in every colour now, I love them =)
They're brilliant for adding a little bit of colour to your piercings. I wear mine as nose rings and I certainly get more attention for having a colourful ring in my nose than my plain old silver one - most of it good as well.
They were easy to get in once I'd opened it a little more with my ring openers (I have a thick nose) and the ball was easy to take out and put back in - again with the aid of ring opening and closing pliers.
They might be a little bit of a pain if you don't have pliers to open and close the rings, but overall these are very good value for money.

By Anonymous

Titanium BCR (07 February 2008)

This was extremely hard to get in!! It was for my cartalidge however, which might have added to the difficulty.
It looks good but had to ram it in very hard and now dread getting it out!!

It will be easier to put in lobes i imagine.....

It does look pretty though!!

By Anonymous

Great price, great product. (31 January 2008)

Managed to put these in my lobes without too much aggravation, thanks to my nifty ring opening pliers, excellent product for the price, heamatite ball is a nice contrast to the blue ring.

By Anonymous

Great for the money (07 November 2007)

These ring look great and for the price of £2 there isnt anything better for that sort of money. Look great in my ear piercings (2 x conch)
The balls were pretty easy to get in and out too without any tools =)

By Anonymous

=] (12 October 2007)

Got an 8mm ring in my lip in dark blue. Looks great matches my dark blue mirco barbell well

By Anonymous

Amazing. (29 June 2007)

These Are Great.
I Got Two 8mm Ones.
They Look Great In Ear Piercings.
The Colours Are Amazing & Really Stand Out.
Great Buy!

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