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By Anonymous

Stunning (23 September 2015)

Amazing colour, just as pictured.

By from cork, irleand

well worth buying! (20 August 2014)

I love this bcr it's so comfy and it doesn't look innapropriate for my workplace. The dark blue is really funky and the price is unbeatable I'm so happy with it :) I got it in size 1.2x8 but next time I'll buy a few in 1.2x6 simply because I wasn't sure what size to get, trial and error but the 8mm is perfect too :) well worth buying for comfort and reliability! Once you get the hang of clicking the ball into place you're sorted!


Nice! (17 October 2010)

Brought 3 of these in different colours for my 3 lobe piercings in my right ear as the top piercing wasn't healing properly. The stud I was pierced with was snagging all the time and was very difficult to clean. With these babies in, cleaning's really easy and heals better too! Takes a little practice getting them in.
The BCRs look great in my ear and gets complimented a lot. (Even my dad who hates piercings!) A definite great buy.

By Anonymous

So Simple (26 November 2009)

I love this ring. Its very secure too

By Anonymous

Love! (05 September 2009)

This BRC is amazing. I had ordered some steel BCR's and they were quite heavy, so I ordered these beauties. Lovely colour (though the balls seemed a shade darker than the hoops, however it looks fine when in) and I can't even feel them in.

Only grumble would be that I bought them when they were £3 each instead of £2.55 each, my fault though. :D

By Anonymous

About this product (20 March 2009)

this ring really looks great and feels great in the area pierced, most rings i have tried feel itchy or even irritable and i have had to take out because the irratation got so bad,
i highly recomend this ring.

By Anonymous

Excelent! (04 January 2009)

Loved the color of the ball and ring. A little hard to put the ball back in place though, anyway, totaly love it!

By Anonymous

love these BCR's (11 July 2008)

they are a great product but the downside is how fiddly they are to change, not so much of a problem in ears but can be painful in other areas (my lip was really sore after fiddling with getting one in).
if you've got a lot of piercings and use these I'd recommend the pliers cos it saves so much time and cuts down on sore piercings afterwards.

By Anonymous

blue ball closure ring (29 June 2008)

love the colour of this, the ball does get easier to put in over time. it kind of loosens up a bit but still stays secure.

By Anonymous

ring (12 May 2008)

its a cool ring if you can but the ball in easily but if you cant it can be painful

By Anonymous

Awkward (04 April 2008)

Arrived today, tried to put them in my nipples but they were too awkward to snap in without whacking myself in my tit.

I shall get my friend to help, bigger and darker than i expected, but lovely product :)

By Anonymous

love em (10 March 2008)

these rings have such a nice shade of blue on them and can go in most piecing

By Anonymous

Good (18 January 2008)

I love these. I use them for my nose piercing because they come in lots of different colours and are very comfortable to wear.

By Anonymous

Good selection (26 December 2007)

Not only is there a good selection on colours, but also a good selection of sizes. This is darker than in the picture but also very shiny. Modest but pretty. Look great in rows.

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