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By from UK

Gets tons of attention (30 August 2016)

A great replacement for my plain conch labret stud. It gets a lot of looks when I have my hair up which was the main goal really. I have uploaded a photo (which will hopefully get approved) to show how it looks on conch piercing.


Wicked ;p (12 August 2011)

The colours are amazing, and it just looks really cool and casual. Good price too. I lost my first one so I got another - that's how much I loved it :)

By from Manchester

Love it! (14 June 2011)

I love this spiral, it looks great in my rook!
I'd highly recommend it, the colour is awesome :)

By Anonymous

So Cool! (02 March 2011)

Brilliant colour. Fabulous price! Loved it!


Colourful (03 January 2011)

I put this in my right helix as I thought it would look really good.

It's colourful, and looks good in the ear though it does tend to get caught on my hair a lot. It's a little big to wear as a helix piece ( 10 mm ) but works for day time, though don't sleep in it! It can be a bit painful.

By Anonymous

Awesome. :D (27 March 2010)

I recently got my lip pierced for the first time and ordered a set of these (though I realize now I only should have ordered one and one of the reverse version) and they are simply amazing. They're light and comfortable and easy to put on. :D

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