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By Anonymous

Love it!! (13 March 2015)

Definitely my favorite tragus piercing. I love the effect of it, it's elegant, goes with everything, the colour is perfect... I'm in love.
Only thing is (despite years for piercing experience) I can't remove it anymore! Used it on a 1.2 labret from this website, just doesn't seem to be compatible! Is it because it's plastic? Make sure you don't make it too tight.

By from Kirkwall, Orkney.

:D (14 December 2012)

I love these! I got the 1.2 x 3mm for my snakebites and the 1.6 x 5mm for my nipples. They look beautiful in both. I've had many compliments and people asking where I got the balls from. I'm considering buying the other colours also. The only cririsism is they are quite hard to unscrew sometimes as the thread can be cut slightly deeper into them when putting them on. Other than that 10/10 :D

By from Edinburgh

cute! (17 October 2012)

I have two of these in my snakebite and I love how they look! Classy, cute and stand out just enough! Threaded easily onto my old labret bars, meaning that they can combined with old pieces of jewelry to create an in-expensive new look! My new fave!


My favourite product! (11 October 2012)

Since pearls are my thing, the moment I saw these, I had to order some. From the moment I got my order, I was in love with them - I wore it until I dropped it some months later and wasn't able to find again (cream floors and pearls don't mix!).
I ordered two more a couple of months later and absolutely adore them. They look real, they go perfectly with my face and people don't think they're "horrible" - they make me lip piercing look classy and cute.
I'm so happy with these. :)

By from north west uk

gorgeous simplicity (14 October 2011)

i was amazed at how small these are and yet how unbelievebly easy they were to put onto my labret shaft, usually i'm fiddling for ages trying to get a grip but these went on in seconds. i got two-for my double helix they look amazing-really classy i would reccomend these to anyone

By from Swansea

Brilliant! (18 March 2011)

it looks so smart! i love it so much im going to buy another for my other piercing. i wear this in my tragus :)

By Anonymous

Love it! (20 February 2010)

It's quite subtle but I really love it. It shines beautifully and is a perfect colour. Good value for money too!

By Anonymous

perfect (30 June 2009)

These little sweet hearts are just what I have been searching after for my angelbites, perfect for parties and family dinners

By Anonymous

Gorgeous (21 February 2009)

I wear one in my tragus piercing and it looks great, goes especially well with my collection of chandelier style earrings. Very feminine and unique. Even my piercing-hating mother likes it!

By Anonymous

(Y) (02 October 2008)

I love these so much, I have a few different balls for my monroe and lip piercings and whenever I change from them I always end up putting these back on within a couple of days.!
They look so different to the usual silver piercing jewellery, yet aren't glaringly obvious.

By Anonymous

Somewhere between a Fairy and Marie Antoinette (01 July 2008)

DEFINITELY one to get if you're a gothy sort into your elegant vintage/historical outfits and you don't like shoving emo-ish neon stars all over your piercings. Buy them here, because I've never seen them anywhere else!

WORD OF WARNING - The larger sizes are actually pretty giant and eye-catching.I wear a set in my tragus piercings with 20 matching pearl earrings round the rim/lobe of my ears and the effect is stunning - like having gem-encrusted ears!

By Anonymous

Great (02 May 2008)

I love this cute little ball! It makes my monroe piercing look great, very feminine.

By Anonymous

Pretty (06 April 2008)

This is a great idea.

Looks fantastic teamed with my pearl earrings.
My gran even likes this stud and she's always giving off about my piercings.

By Anonymous

Subtle... but still unique (03 April 2008)

This product has got to be my favourite at the moment, or at least for during the day. i have a lip piercing and with this stud in it it looks delicate and feminine, i can go to posh functions and it fits in perfectly. and i love it for normal wear too - it goes with everything!!!!

A must have for everyone!

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