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By Anonymous

Great! (11 November 2012)

Finally found a ball that was 4mm to fit a 1.2mm gauge. Looks great - sits perfectly and really shows off my conch piercing.

By from Finland

Alright. (26 April 2012)

If you are a big fan of piercings like me, these small balls are good to have around. You never know if you will lose a ball at some point. I ordered the 3mm ones, and with my long nails I have to try several times before I get them properly screwed on. (I can't imagine how hard it would be to handle the 2mm ones!) The balls are basic stuff you've got to own, buy a couple of them! :) :)

By from St Annes

Mint!! (06 March 2012)

Its so hard to find balls this size love it and so cheap. Fab service, mega fast delivery, wud defo buy from here again. Thankyou!!!!!

By from Dublin

2mm ball (27 February 2012)

Bought 2 of these, really small just I wanted :-). They should do them in black in 2mm.

By from manchester

Perfecto! (09 October 2011)

I really needed some more of these because they get lost so easily! And like someone else said, they cost so much at the local shops. So this is great value, I bought 4 of them and I'm sure I'll buy more because I loose everything. Wahooo

By from atlanta, ga

Love! (19 April 2011)

A bit of a hassle to get on, but totally worth it these are so small and delicate looking, i have one in my tragus right now and love the way it looks!

By Anonymous

great (08 June 2010)

these are perfect they look so cute!
ive replaced my 3mm septum balls for the 2mm and they look really good and stay tight too
very difficult to get on though i keep dropping them they are so tiny :)

By Anonymous

:) (05 May 2010)

You really can't go wrong with spare ones, regardless of price, but at this price. Bargin! Especially when you have a habit of losing them like I do.

By Anonymous

Good Price! (09 April 2010)

I cant believe these are so cheap =D
The shop in town charges £2 for one!
Come on hear and found these and was like wow!
Grate buy as i have a habbit of playing with these >.<
Shall be getting these every few weeks as i always loose them xD

By Anonymous

great present (16 December 2009)

i bought some of these as a present for my friend who is always losing her lip balls and she loved them she said they were easy to put on even though they looked miniscule

By Anonymous

shiny shiny (29 October 2009)

I'm always losing these so it's great to be able to stock up. I especially like the 2mm ones as they look really cute and discreet in my side labret stud.
Wish they stocked a size between 2 and 3 mm though as the difference between them is huuuuge

By Anonymous

Cheapies (28 October 2009)

I have a terrible habit of messing around with my lip labret, and eventually I loose the ball =/ If I go to my local shop which caters for body piercings it cost £1 for one! ... I only go there in 'emergencies'. I always have 2/3 of these kicking around spare, for 50P a shot you really can't complain.

By Anonymous

brilliant and cheap (22 October 2009)

1st) Loved the fact that it was so cheap, the cheapest I found anywhere on the web including the p&p
2nd) I was so pleasantly surprised to find they did 2mm balls as the most common ones are 3mm and above sizes. When I received them was not disappointed. They were really tiny just how I wanted them, as I wanted something that didn't stand out as much (like the 3mm ones).

Only get these if you want something really small because they literally are really tiny.

By Anonymous

GREAT Product (31 July 2009)

This product is cheap and great!, im clumsy and always loosing my ball for my lip but this product is cheap and affordable so i can have spares to put in my purse when i go out!

By Anonymous

Brill Bargin! (03 June 2009)

I ALWAYS have a habbit of loosing my micro balls when I'm out and about!

Just stocked up on some more, brill for putting in your purse just in case!

And at 50p a pop you really cant go wrong! :D

By Anonymous

Cheap! (26 May 2009)

Its handy being able to buy the balls, without having to buy the whole bar.
The price is fantastic and if your always loosing the balls, like i am, its great being able to get them at such a low price. Plain as they are, but the sparkle is as effective as a gemmed ball.

By Anonymous

A must have! (15 April 2009)

Everytime I buy new jewellery I always make sur ei include a few of these. Now I dont have to spend endless hours searching for the ones ive dropped on the floor. At 50p a time... BARGAIN! i couldnt find these anywhere in shops and didnt want to buy a whole new barbell!

By Anonymous

Excellent!!! (08 April 2009)

When i had lost one of the balls of my barbell, i thought i was doomed as i went back to the shop i had got my bar from and he said that they didnt sell individual replacements, and i would have to buy a new bar for £5!!! i spoke to my friend who uses this website, and she said about the individually sold balls. i went on here and found that not only were the bars so much cheaper, there is also a wide variety of different threaded balls. all i had to do was measure my bar and exsisting ball and now i have a complete bar bell again!! and they are so cheap!!!!! i am tempted to buy these in bulk just in case :) they are a lifesaver!

By Anonymous

Great! (14 March 2009)

I always buy extras as these come loose all the time over time or wear, but i love them and wear them on about 5 different piercings

By Anonymous

great! (08 January 2009)

im always loosingg my lip studs
and never have any spare
so i go and buy 8 or 10 of these each time

and i never have to worrryy about searching the floor for my balls!

By Anonymous

lovel and small (04 July 2008)

i bought two of these for my nose piercings because i wanted to make my own nose studs. they were a bit fiddly to get onto the bioplast but once on they havent fallen off. am now tempted to buy more in different colours!

By Anonymous

excellent (30 June 2008)

excellent item, looks great

By Anonymous

- (10 March 2008)

I lose these all the time! so it's really good to be able to replace them so cheaply. And they always look great!

By Anonymous

Perfect (03 March 2008)

These are so cheap and perfect; I constantly lose them on my tragus so I have a nice stock of them now :)

By Anonymous

For my Barbell. (03 March 2008)

I bought these for my 1.2mm Barbells and they look really great. I love the steel look in ear piercings. These threaded balls are incredibly cheap which is brilliant because I'm always unscrewing these things and dropping them everywhere, they're great as spares.

Being a threaded accessory these are a piece of cake to interchange. Definitely recommended for price and quality.

By Anonymous

good (01 March 2008)

just simple and nice! good to have as spares too.

By Anonymous

Everyone needs a few... (24 February 2008)

Spares are always useful and these prices are really good! Very small and fiddly but that's to be expected I suppose. A good product to have around.

By Anonymous

quality (02 December 2007)

this is a very good cheap quality product
you know how it is allways dropping those balls and its dirt cheap for a replacement!!!!!!!

By Anonymous

So Inexpensive, Great Spares (15 October 2007)

I use these balls as spares to go with my 1.2mm barbells which I use as an alternative to stud earrings. They are so inexpensive and they don't break or anything so all you've got to do is make sure you don't lose them when you're putting them in and they'll last forever!

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