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Hard to get in! (21 August 2014)

This is very comfy once it's in and unless you look really hard it looks completely smooth, however it is a massive pain to get in in the first place. It normally takes me about half an hour to an hour to get it to go in, by which time my ear is red and sore. (I put it in my helix piercing). However once it is in it never falls out or gets caught, and most of the time I forget it's there.

By from UK

Difficult (20 August 2013)

I bought these for my spider bites and I couldn't get either in. Eventually, with external help, I managed to get one in. I guess it's a knack. It hurts to get in but once it is in it's lovely to wear. I'll keep practising until I can get them in.

By Anonymous

Very difficult to get in! (07 August 2013)

Bought this ring for my helix piercing as I had a ball closure ring before and had no bother. It came very quickly in the post and I was happy with it, however it is so difficult to get in! Pliers are definitely required! I couldn't remove the segment without them, and then I spent upwards of half an hour trying to put the segment back in to wear it! Finally got it, and it is exactly what I was looking for, but it required a lot of patience.

By from UK

Almost perfect! (02 September 2011)

This looks great in a lip ring, and I would highly recommend it. One downside to it, which stops it from being a straight up 10/10, is the fact that there's an occasional snag when rolling it through your piercing; it can sometimes pinch a little (though, a new segment ring is fine, it's only when it gets older and used).

By Anonymous

Love! (17 August 2011)

Great product: Looks great, feels great, great price. Also, it was easy to put in.

By from england

Super (19 December 2010)

A great product. Tricky to get in at first but once you have done it you understand much better. Would defo buy again.

By Anonymous

Bit tricky (02 March 2010)

Was very tricky and fiddley to get in at first and there for irritating my lip, but once ya get use to it wasnt a problem, fitted snug. pretty good really :)

By Anonymous

There are great! (26 August 2009)

I love to wear smooth segment rings in my septum, its subtle and cute, especially in 8mm. recommended product!

By Anonymous

awesome (14 January 2009)

awesome, good price.
if you want a hoop this is it.

By Anonymous

Lip Ring (10 June 2008)

I bought two of theese. They are alot cheaper here than on high street piercers, look great and when theyre in they stay in. The only problem for me is opening and closing them. without ring pilers it can be very difficult.

By Anonymous

love it! (22 February 2008)

I recently bought an 8mm segment ring for my lip and it looked great but found a painful discomfort when i moved it through my lip... the segement turned out to be faulty but as soon as i let them know they sent me a replacement the next day!!! im well happy with it! well worth the money, it can be a bit fiddly to get in but once its in it stays in!

By Anonymous

Great for lip piercings. (18 December 2007)

This is a great piece of jewellery to wear in a lip piercing.
It's very smooth and the price is great.
A word of advice though, sometimes the segment is hard to get in, so when popping it into the BCR, maybe do it over a flat surface.
Overall, great value for money, and a lovely piece of jewellery.

By Anonymous

Comfy! (16 December 2007)

I bought this because i was finding ordinary bcr's uncomfortable. Now, I always recommend a smooth segment ring to anyone who wants to wear a ring in their lip piercing. its so much more comfortable than a bcr & the segment is much easier to get in than a ball.

By Anonymous

Stylish (09 November 2007)

A good, stylish ring that actually is completely smooth. very impressed!!

By Anonymous

Great product (26 October 2007)

I would recommend these to anyone thinking of having an orbital piercing, or someone who wears BCRS in their cartilage and goes to gigs a lot! They're very easy to use, look good, and the price isn't bad either.

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