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By from USA

Lovely! (22 January 2018)

These cages are even prettier than I hoped!
Unfortunately they are also deeper than I thought they'd be, even on my large nipples. I was hoping the tip of my nipple would rub against the metal for some secret stimulation. Even paired with shields that wasn't achieved. Oh well, they are still lovely and I will continue to wear them.

By from Worcester

Love these (03 April 2017)

I bought a pair and, they look amazing.

Surprisingly comfortable, they don't catch or get caught on things as I had anticipated.
They look great and don't stick out of clothing as much as I would have thought either.

By from Dublin Ireland

This is by far my favourite (30 March 2016)

I actually recieved a pair of these steel nipple crown cages by mistake instead of different one I ordered. But I have to say this was the best mistake ever I was so happy with these. I love the way they look and feel they are so comfortable. I was worried about damage due to rubbing my nipple as they point downwards and other crown in the past I had to remove because of this. But the fit of these cages are perfect and allow plenty of space for a normal woman's anatomy. I have not taken these out well except to clean in nearly 2 years. I love them.

By from Ireland

Amazing (17 June 2015)

Just got mine this morning. It's gorgeous, well made and I'm delighted with it. Will definitely repurchase more. Pity about the somewhat lengthly delivery time but worth the wait!

By from bristol

great (08 August 2013)

Got one today and I think it looks great. I thought that 14mm internal diameter may have been to big for me but in end the it's just right it centralised itself beautifully. I love it

By from California

Love it!!! (20 July 2010)

These are beautiful pieces. I got two of them and cleaned and put them on as soon as I got them. I came out in a t-shirt and no bra, waiting for my hubby to say something (as it looked like my headlights were on, big time). He finally said something after a few seconds and I surprised him. Needless to say, it ended in the bedroom and I feel really special, like I have a really exciting secret when I wear them (they do hide under a good molded bra).

By Anonymous

Nipple Cage (27 April 2010)

Love this so much, it looks totally sexy and feels good too. Would definately recommend.

By Anonymous

nipple shield (20 October 2008)

My wife is the one who uses this but we have both benefited from it as it has enhanced the sensativity of the nipple well worth purchasing this item

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