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By from London

Absolutely love it! (21 August 2018)

This nose ring is amazing! The delivery was very quick I just got it today. I thought 9mm would be too big for nose but it's actually the perfect fit. Very easy to put in, I have never changed jewellery for a facial piercing before so this was a nice experience.
The only problem I have with this nose ring is that if you look up close you can kind of see the gap but other than that it is perfect.


hi (30 March 2018)

had the same one in for 10+ years, and i leave it in when i sleep. i think it fell out once

By Anonymous

Love this nose ring! (27 March 2015)

I always struggled with other types of nose rings, with them being so fiddly, but I swear open nose rings are so simple! Delivered in 2-3 days and so comfortable to put in. A little large, but that's my fault for getting the wrong diameter of ring. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who struggles with other nose rings.

By Anonymous

Love it when it's in! (10 January 2015)

I have a real struggle getting the ring in, as you have to put it in from the inside of your nose. Once It's in though I really like it. I do check it a lot to make sure it's not moved round, but I have only had it for a couple of days. Really nice though.

By from Leeds

Perfect! (29 June 2014)

I had my nose pierced around 3-4 months ago with the intention of wearing a ring in it. Usually I would've gone straight for a ball closure ring which I find really difficult to get in; but instead I thought I'd get this. It is very easy to take in and out and the disc which keeps the ring in doesn't show. It is extremely comfortable to wear, I would recommend this over a ball closure ring for your nose piercing any day!

By from Dorset

Moves ROUND (30 September 2013)

Easy to fit, good price. Looks nice. The only thing with these is that they move round so the disc bit hangs out the bottom of your nose, also the gap shows. Several times a day I have to move it back into place when no-one's looking.

By from London

Love this! (03 September 2013)

I've had my nose pierced before and I was given a big bulky ball closure ring which I didn't like. In the end I took it out, with much difficulty, and swore never to have another nose ring again.

But I saw this and thought I'd give it a go.

It's perfect!

So easy to put in (once you figure it out- push it through the hole from the inside of your nose), it's small and cute and really suits my face. And it's crazy cheap. I couldn't recommend it enough.

I ordered two of these and I would definitely recommend the 1.2mmx7mm as the 1.2mmx9mm is quite a bit bigger.

By Anonymous from Los Angeles

PERFECT (17 August 2013)

I have been searching everywhere for this nose hoop!

16g/7mm surgical steel open nose hoops are hard to find, especially at such an amazing price!

It took awhile to get to me, but it was worth the wait! It fits comfortably and is everything I ever wanted! Never shopping anywhere again!


By from England

love them (24 July 2013)

Brilliant nose rings, I like that there's no ball you have to put on (y) and there very easy to put in once you know how to! Put the disc side on your piercing as if you were gonna try putting it threw that way, the go backwards with it then it's in :)

By from Cardiff

Really petite!! (12 January 2013)

Spent so long trying to get it in before I finally realised I needed to widen the gap a bit! I have quite a small nose and I couldn't insert it at the original size. The gap is very very small. But then I stretched it a bit and it was really easy to put in, and looks so nice. It's really small, which looks nicer on a girl than a massive gaping hoop. Really pleased!!

By from Ireland

love it (07 August 2012)

I love it. Was a bit big for my nose so I had to stretch it a bit but was fine, and fits perfectly! (well, with a bit of help from some pliers! but i didnt mind. 1.2mm x 7mm btw.) i love it :)

By from Canada

Perfect! (11 December 2011)

It was difficult to insert at first, but after a few tries, it was a piece of cake. The 7mm diameter was perfect for my nose piercing, and it stays in my nose securely. Awesome product!


Perfect (01 September 2011)

Loved it, perfect size and fit, cannot even see the gap in the ring. easy to put in and comfy :)


Awesome (05 January 2011)

I've never had a ring in my nose before so wasn't sure if it'd suit me but it's a nice petite ring and was a good change it was really comfy although a little awkward putting in from the inside but once you've got it in once you get use to it :) Definitley recommend.

By Anonymous

Perfect =] (04 August 2010)

This is an excellent piece of jewellery for the price. When I first received it the gap was too small so I adjusted it a little with ring opening pliers. After that it fitted perfectly.
I love this as there is nothing fiddly and no parts to lose , it also looks exactly like a smooth segment ring.
If you have a nose! =p

By Anonymous

really good. (01 July 2010)

Purchased one of these before and they save so much hassle with loosing balls thanks to the great design. And looks great too!

By Anonymous

excellent! (20 June 2010)

this product is great; it fits perfectly and it's easy to put on (no fiddling with balls!)
i thought you might be able to see the flat part or that it would move a lot, but this isnt the case. overall, fantastic!

By Anonymous

Brilliant (16 May 2010)

This is a handy little nose ring i thought at first that i was going to be able to see the gap but u cant :) its great its the only ring i have found that is not fiddly and i am buying another one tonight i am soo happy with it xx definatly recommend people buying a ring for the first time to try this. Just make sure you get the right size :)

By Anonymous

Perfect! (14 May 2010)

I bought these for my double nostrils, as i wanted two teeny tiny little rings and these are perfect. All other rings have been too big but these fit snug, dont fall out, and look gorgeous. The only thing i found is that because of the small gap it was hard to get in, but only because one of my nostril piercings is fairly new.

By Anonymous

nice little ring! (24 February 2010)

I bought this ring due to wanting a smaller ring than the one i currently have fitted and it's perfect! Really easy to take in and out, no problems at all :D

By Anonymous

awsomee (31 January 2010)

Bought one of these a while ago and its the only nose ring i use!! A really easy switch from stud to ring, and handy to avoid losing threaded balls!!

Brilliant value for money - everyone with a nose piercing should have one of these!!

By Anonymous

great ring (25 January 2010)

so easy to put in, and so easy to remove. never seems to move out of place and it's very comfortable. i would recommend these to anyone who is considering putting a ring in

By Anonymous

Great value! (08 December 2009)

This ring is so easy to insert and remove, I only tried it after giving up on trying BCRs. It's really comfy and never slips out of place, like many other rings I've worn.

By Anonymous

Wicked!! (20 November 2009)

This is the best thing i have ever brought! Its really easy to put in and take out (good if your not allowed rings in at work). It also looks really good and is comfy to wear. I would definatley recommend this product it is much better than a BCR.

By Anonymous

love it but wish it came in 18G (08 November 2009)

These rings are a great invention, especially if you're like me and can't wear a ring 24/7 (I have to wear a stud for work). It comes in and out very easily, which by the way also means you have to pay a little attention not to get it out by accident. But still, it looks great, it can be slightly bent to fit better and the 7mm is a great size for a snug look. What I do wish though is that it came in 1mm thickness cause most my studs are this size and it stings a bit when I'm putting this is.

By Anonymous

My little shiney ring. (04 August 2009)

This ring is very easy to insert and use. Much easier then trying to get a BCR In I can assure you!
It's in a good range of sizes and as my nostril was pierced at 1mm I bought 1.2mm. But my nostril is a old piercing so it was fine.
The product stays in very well, sits nicely in the piercing and is easy to remove if needs be!
Would recommend!

By Anonymous

Fab! (05 July 2009)

I only got my nose pierced fairly recently so thought this would be a good first nose ring. I love it! It's so easy to fit and less daunting than attacking your nose with a pair of pliers.

Only problem is that I overestimated the size, however, it works well as a fake lip/nose ring too :)

By Anonymous

Nose Ring (25 May 2009)

This stays in well and looks nice. Easy to get in once you get the hang of it too. I wear mine most of the time.

By Anonymous

good ring (26 April 2009)

These look so much better than BCR, they sit so much nicer. Tho i did have a problem that i had been wearing uber thin nose studs and had to get an earring in, then be able to get this in. otherwise beautiful

By Anonymous

Must-have (30 March 2009)

It's one of those things you need in your jewellery box at all times! I have two!
For those with smaller noses it may be a teeny bit big, but it's nothing a good squeeze with a plyers won't fix.

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