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Black crown (14 October 2012)

I love this, mine's 12mm. It's massive and really pretty, good for when you need to dress up for something!

By from cambridge

alright:) (23 December 2011)

just got them in 6mm. The front is big not very comfortable. They hide it very well probably buy a gain:)

By Anonymous

definitely classy (14 January 2011)

The picture doesn't really do this justice - the black is very shiny, it almost looks like haematite from some angles. I have this plug in 6mm, and it's niiiiice. Very wearable, and looks more expensive than it is.

By Anonymous

Black Crown Jewel (31 January 2010)

These are great value, they make smaller stretches look very discreet just like normal piercings, I just wish they did them in bigger sizes, mine are 16mm presently so I can't get any bigger ones =(

By Anonymous

Classy (11 February 2009)

Those ones look really classy, and sparkles, they are also somewhat discret, really comfortable also, but would be better if it was with a thread.

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