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Tricky but so worth it! (24 July 2012)

These barbell charms are such a great idea. I've never seen anyone else with one and they are such a stunning way to show off your eyebrow piercing. It took me some time to choose between them but I settled on the funky and eye-catching lightning bolt.

It's true I struggled to put it together at first, so I wouldn't recommend them for an unhealed piercing or you'll end up aggravating it. But now it's in, I don't want to take it out!

Important: carefully measure the space between your surface piercing holes and make sure you choose a barbell that is long enough or a little longer. If it's too short it definitely won't go together because of the way the charm hooks on before the balls.

Very happy with this purchase, fantastic item!


Unique (05 January 2011)

I found it a little complicated to put in at a first but once i figure it out it was easy :) and i've been complimented on it several times which i'm really pleased about. Great piece and really unique.

By Anonymous

Love it (29 August 2009)

Its perfect. and so unique, its not the sort of thing that people can look at and say oh have that aswell!

By Anonymous

Cool (20 August 2008)

i bought one of these a few days ago and it looks really cool and feels really comfortable

By Anonymous

shocking lol (11 August 2008)

it's really good.......once you've got it on. because of that way you have to hold that where the hole's are in your eye brow then push the bar through and so on and it's really fiddly but after getting it in it's worth the wait it looks really good :). i was pleased and am glad body jewellery shop sells things like this. it's just something different to everyone else :) xxx

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