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Alternative Nipple Jewllery (25 October 2012)

I purchased these as an alternative to fully circular CBRs as I can feel slight discomfort when I wear them and the flat side makes it much more comfortable.
It was a bit awkward to insert due to the shape of it (corners) but once it, it's not moving.


Nipple Piercing. (05 February 2012)

Bought these for my nipples, and although they're a bit fiddly to get in (and slightly ouchie due to the sharp curve before the bar) they're brilliant :) Really comfy and don't catch on clothing as much as the bars I had before :)

Also, ordered these on Friday and got them Saturday :) Thank you once again BJS :)

By Anonymous

Navel (18 June 2009)

I have several of these in differant sizes, I found in my navel, which was rejecting it solved the problem and I was able to keep my piercing!

By Anonymous

WOW (15 January 2008)

These are so comfortable in belly button piercings. They don't stick out as much as other jewlerry does and it doesn't cost much.

By Anonymous

D-Ring (02 October 2007)

i ware one oi these rings in each eyebrow and theyre well comfy keep forgetting theyre there . easy to get in as well

By Anonymous

So comfy (09 July 2007)

These are super comfortable to wea rin Nipples, they don't catch like bars do similarly, they don't distort the shape of the fistula, like Rings do. Due to the curved shape, they're also ideal for healing nipples, as they allow lymph to run down the bar away from the fistula, so there is a smaller chance of lymph build ups being dragged into the piercing and causing complications.
As a weak point, they are Ball Closures, meaning they can be fiddly to close unless you have apair of pliars. If you have been wearing Bars,ey can also be a bit painful to fit first time, as the distance from the tip of the bar to the first curve is quite small, and its quite a sharp curve. Once theyre in though they are really are comfortable, they don't catch and they dont drag the fistula into a different shape than it was
I personally think these are awesome value for money, they're good quality and once fitted theyre easy to clean. I plan on purchasing some more to wear through my tunnels in my lobes too. They're such a versatile shape!!

By Anonymous

Steel 'D Rings' (09 July 2005)

When i first saw this product on the site, i was curious to see what it would look like in my belly button piercing. I bought it and when it arrived at my house, i shoved it in, and it looks great! It doesnt stick out as much as a full circular ring, and it doesnt get caught as much on t-shirts. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba Im loving it!

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