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By from Norway

Great! (16 September 2011)

This is a great product, bought the 6 mm for my lobe piercing and it fits and feels great!

By from Kent

Spike's Are Awesome! (29 October 2010)

great product and look great !

By Anonymous

really comfy and easy to wear (18 May 2009)

im a fan of mixing up all my studs, and i think the spikes look great alongside some coloured bars :D

By Anonymous

Comfortable (29 January 2009)

Very comfortable and they look great

By Anonymous

Kat (29 January 2009)

I have this and looks good as a scafold :)

By Anonymous

good price (28 November 2008)

really cool and a god price. conebells are much easier to put in than barbells

By Anonymous

Great product (01 May 2008)

Got this in 1.6 for my new lobe peircing looks great havent put it in yet but looks amazing

By Anonymous

niceeee (18 April 2008)

i really like this, i have one for my septum, it looks really cool. at first i thought barbells would be unpractical for septum piercings but i couldnt seem to get tusks or spikes small enough, so this is a great alternative =)

By Anonymous

Conebell Review (02 February 2008)

This looked great in my recent eyebrow piercing!!! It was easy to put though and so comfortable against a fresh peircing!
Sadly, my mum saw it and made me take it out but it was so worth it!!

By Anonymous

SAFE (28 November 2007)

these are really good
it looks soooo much better than just a ball and there good quality .
well worth it

By Anonymous

Jaggy But Cool Looking (20 October 2007)

I bought a couple of these for my nipple peircings. They look cool but they weren't very practical when I was wearing a t-shirt, they are pretty sharp and catch on the clothing. Luckily the spikes come off and they look amazing in my eyebrow peircing.
Basically they look very cool but aren't practical under clothes =)

By Anonymous

coolio (06 October 2007)

i have this and it is so stylish! all my friends think it is cool and they all want one too! its a definite must have piece of jewellery! its even better because if you get a bit tired of the same old thing you can change the spikes and get different colours and stuff!

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