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By from St helens

Ball closure ring (18 July 2018)

Got this to add to my collection
This is very well made and really good quality BCR and will certainly be buying more

By from Istanbul

Very happy (02 July 2013)

I got one with internal diameter 14 mm for my frenulum piercing. I'm very satisfied with the product. You need some effort to move the ball in and out but not too much, no need for pliers. That's a good thing as the ball won't fall by itself and get lost somewhere.

By from Bridgend

Awesome piece. (02 November 2011)

I got the 19mm internal diameter ring for my PA. Not had any jewelery in my piercing for 4 years now and it was 8mm back then. Ball popped off easy enough and the jewelery went in easily without lube. Good fit, good feel and simple to clip the ball back on. (Latex gloves work a charm).

By from London

Surgical Steel Ball Closure Ring - 3.2mm (08 June 2011)

This ball closure ring is AWESOME. wore it in my labret which i am stretching and it was surprisingly comfy^^. Looks awesome its actually fun to have :D


Great fit! (20 December 2010)

I had been using 1.6mm ball closure rings to strech my lip. So I thought I would order this 3.2mm one to see if it would fit.
It was a perfect fit and was never uncomfortable to wear!

By Anonymous

Great (11 February 2010)

Easy to dry fit after wearing 2.4mm for a while, but needed pliers to fit the ball.

By Anonymous

Nicey nice (12 October 2009)

These look ace! End of.

You will definitely need some opening pliers though, it's near impossible to do with your bare hands.

By Anonymous

Super (27 June 2009)

Nice product. Again good quality metal from BJS

Its not very easy to get the ball out, but to be honest that isn't necessarily a bad thing (because then it wont fall out by its own accord!)

By Anonymous

Surgical Steel Ball Closure Ring - 3.2mm (21 December 2008)

these rings look nice in ears i think i have two and love em. one thing though they are a bit hard to open but not to hard. bigger gauges will be harder though.

By Anonymous

Surgical Steel Ball Closure Ring - 3.2mm (13 December 2008)

I bought this for my PA. This is an excellent piece of jewellery for this purpose. As the gauges get larger however, u will have to get some openers to allow u to get the ball in and out of the ring

By Anonymous

bcr's (29 November 2007)

bought these when i started stretching, there great for it because there cheap and look great.
the only thing is the ball becomes harder to get in the thicker they are, so anyone buying some, if your going thicker than 5mm buy some opening pliers aswell.

By Anonymous

Lushness (22 October 2007)

These are the first pieces of body jewellery I ever bought and I still wear them today! Originally I bought them to stretch my lobe, but now I wear them as everyday pieces..!

They're chunky, but not overly so and they look great!

A must buy, in my opinion!

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