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By from St helens

Ball closure ring (24 July 2018)

I absolutely love this jewellery. The ball was detached when I got this which was great (whether intentional or not) it really helped to clean before I wore this. It looks great and the ball attachment wasn't oversized, which some can look that way.
Needless to say I'm really happy

By from England

Awesome! (19 June 2011)

i love these rings, they really are awesome! I've had many of these in different sizes for all my piercings and im currently using this one for my nipple in the 12mm diameter. It makes me want to get more piercings just to wear these! They are really easy to put in and look great, nice and shiney too! bonus!

By Anonymous

niice (03 April 2011)

good step up size if you are stretching.
very durable yet snug when in the ear.


Great! (28 July 2010)

I got two of these in 10mm diameter for my inner labias. I really like them! They are a bit tight and impossible to open/close by hand, so I loosened them up a bit with pliers wrapped in tape, now they're easier to work with. Very shiny finish!

By Anonymous

versatile! (10 March 2009)

I have these in all ranges. from the smallest to the biggest ones in 28mm diameter! I used to wear them before I stretched my lobes and I still wear them now that I have a 10mm stretched lobe. They're the sweetest thing ever! You just have to make sure that the ball is secure between the ring, if it falls out it the ball might bounce on forever and ever.. So if you're not used to ball closure rings, make sure that the ball is secured and has a tight fit - or you might end up loosing the balls or a worst case scenario : your earring. (been there done that)

One thing though, they should make some with a bigger diameter! As I girl I love to rock big ass rings in my ears every once in a while;)

By Anonymous

Ball Closure Ring (27 November 2008)

I have these in many different gauges. Excellently made jewellery and so versatile, useful for so many different types of piercing

By Anonymous

2.4's (18 June 2005)

Have 3 of these in 22mm diameter in my right lobe. I didn't realise they would be so big, but now they're in they look great and I love them. Only downside with their size is that they are a bit heavy, but I've had them in for about a week now and the weight isn't noticable any more. I hart them much ^__^