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thumbs up (20 June 2012)

Wanted to stretch my senstive ear lobes to fit a nice barbell in. This went through nicely, looked decent and didnt infect my ears. I'd recommend this.

By from Bristol

Thumbs up (13 May 2012)

Did the job - the little o rings were too big, so had to buy some a size smaller - other than that, can't complain at all. Very comfortable to wear and sleep in =]

By from Norway

Fantastic! (14 September 2011)

Bought the 1.6 mm to stretch my ear up from 1.2 mm. It went in so smoothly with absolutely no pain or discomfort. It also looks quite nice and it's ability to be used as a taper as well is great.
The o rings are a bit too big to fit snugly in the middle of the crescent so it can be a bit hard to stretch even more gradual. This however wasn't a problem for me as it went up to the biggest part with no complications.

All in all a fantastic product, defintiely going to buy again!

By from cornwall

brilliant (21 September 2010)

I had already stretched my lobe piercing to 3mm and bought a 3.2mm crescent, which i inserted from behind - went straight in. I also have a 1.6mm crescent in the top of my ear - took a few days to put it through, but was quite easy to do. They are very light weight and make nice looking items of jewellery. I am now back to buy a 2mm crescent for my top of ear piercing.

By Anonymous

really great stretchers! (04 May 2010)

I bought the 3.2mm crescents and am currently still stretching. I put these in about 10 days ago and am more than half way to the end. If you don't want to buy taper after taper this is the way to go! Very comfortable, smooth and lightweight. If you're starting pretty close to the small end, though, make sure you buy extra SMALL o-rings, as these only come with rings for the fat end. After immediately loosing the 1.6mm o-rings I purchased along with the tapers, I switched to the 1.2mm o-rings which slide pretty far along the taper despite their tiny size. No more waking up to find my crescents on the pillow! Really pleased!

By Anonymous

my new favourite (01 May 2010)

I've just started stretching and I wanted something a little different from the usual plugs and this is just great. I've had loads of comments on it, really smooth and easy to use - teamed it with some star-o-rings for a really unique look.

By Anonymous

. (18 April 2010)

love this because stainless steel is so good for stretching and acrylic can make it smell. love this so cheap for stell in town its like £8.50
i love your website

By Anonymous

Perfect (31 March 2010)

A really comfortable start to stretching. It was a little small for me as after wearing wooden jewellery for a while it had moved to about that size, but still useful for getting a feel for the crescents, and gorgeous to look at! Very pleased I started with this method! Would recommend to anyone.

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