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By from Bolton

Great (31 March 2016)

Love this barbell, as it is flat it is very comfortable and a lot of the time doesn't feel as though you are wearing it.

By Anonymous from Charlotte, North Carolina

The Best Tongue Barbell! (19 January 2015)

This barbell is just perfect for a tongue piercing! I love regular surgical steel barbells best, but even with 4mm balls, the roof of my mouth was always irritated to the point that I considered retiring the piercing. I've had my tongue piercing for exactly 12 weeks today. I've tried different things (surgical steel barbells and bioplast barbells with different size balls) to see what works best for me, and this flat stud barbell is the best for everyday use, since it is indeed very discreet, so I can wear it at work with no worries and also eliminate the discomfort experienced while wearing a regular barbell. The only negative thing I can say about this barbell from my own experience is that the bottom stud is bothering my tongue because it's flat. I'm going to try wearing a 4mm ball in the bottom and keeping the flat stud for the top of my tongue. Still, I'm buying a few more of this barbell in titanium because I absolutely love it and can't find it anywhere else. If I want to show off the piercing then it's best to do that wearing a regular barbell.

By from west lothian

:) (23 September 2012)

would defo recommend this product :)
its so comfy and is stylish and agree that its excellent for new piercings as ive only had miy tongue pierced for 4 weeks.

By from Surrey

Awesome (22 January 2012)

This is amazing on my tongue piercing helped so much with my piercing I had a lump on the top caused by the balls on my previous stud

By from Brighton

PERFECT! (20 May 2011)

I'm in the process of stretching my nostrils at the moment, and as this is an unusual part of the body to stretch, the jewelery that doesn't make you look ridiculous is few and far between! I wanted to keep them as inconspicuous as possible until I have my 3.2mm tunnels in, and up until now I have been wearing 1.6mm labret studs backwards in them! I loved the look of the flat discs on the nose, but the thought of having a big 2mm threaded labret backwards, and having to put a ball on the inside of my nose just wasn't appealing to me, so as soon as I saw these I jumped for joy! I stretched up with one of this sites steel stretching crescents, and just threaded the jewelery through afterwards! Almost no pain, and being internally threaded is just great! If only they came in slightly smaller length! But nobodies tongue is 6mm thick! 10 stars!

By from Essex

Comfy! (08 May 2011)

I put this in today. It is so comfortable I hardly know it's there. The ends aren't totally flat discs, they are sort of Smartie shaped but this is a good thing as a disc would scrape in the mouth. A nice surprise was to find that it is also internally threaded, so it won't traumatise your piercing as it goes in. For me, it has also solved the problem of my old barbell clacking against my bottom teeth while talking. Very pleased with my purchase. =D

By Anonymous

ace (01 January 2011)

Brill for when you go school tbf
9/10 xD

By Anonymous

weird! (19 February 2010)

this feels really weird! i bought it for my second tongue piercing as i am stretching my first tongue piercing atm and my mouth is getting a little bit crowded! im already planning on reordering with a longer bar as i normally wear a 12mm length and it now seems a little bit short :s i do wish they did these in bigger sizes tho (3mm, 4mm, 5mm please!) as i think the discs will be much better than the huge balls that come with thicker bars! ive given it an 8/10 as i think its gunna take a bit of getting used to :D

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