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By from France

double ball closure ring (28 July 2019)

The ball was a little bit tight so I eased it to allow the rings to move freely and now it is very pleasant to feel it moving as it stimulates my penis when naked and working in the garden

By from France

double ball closure ring (27 July 2019)

Good product a little bit tight on the ball so I eased it so it would be free to swing and gently stimulate the tip of my penis during movement

By from Gloucester

Great (28 March 2016)

I wanted some extra wieght to help stretch my PA and these do exactly that. Comfortable to wear all day doesn't snag and looks great.
1 unexpected bonus my partner loves them. She wanted to give them 11 stars out of 10 ;0)
So I will be trying the next few sizes too.

By from North East

Great weight (28 January 2015)

I used this piece to get extra weight on my PA. Bought at 8mm/0g really helped and so easy to fit. Brilliant it really helped with the PA stretching.


Double ball closure ring. (27 June 2012)

8ga x 1/2" - a bit small dia for a PA, although less visible.
6ga x 5/8" - more comfortable to wear and more showy.

Quality is good, the rings are tight against the ball and don't swing freely but move easily allowing for set positioning by hand, clothes etc and doesn't snag.

5/8" diameter or bigger has the right weight and feels good at 6ga. If you want a bit of show for your PA piercing try the doorknocker look


Double BCR (27 December 2011)

this double ring is perfect for a PA the weight is just right

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