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By Anonymous

good product (17 November 2007)

I've used these pins to gradually stretch my ears from 0.5 mm to 5mm, quite easy to use, though I found it better to buy a size larger than the intended jewellery, the plug/tunnel fit's a lot better in the end. I would also recommend vitamin E oil as a really good lubricant.

By Anonymous

Easy stretch! (10 November 2007)

I love these things, easy to use and easy to get your new tunnels in after the stretch. quick and painless. They are just expensive if you want to stretch from 1.6mm all the way up to 10mm. But otherwise great.

By Anonymous

tapered insertion pins (15 October 2007)

these insertion pins are perfect for stretching especially if your not stupid enough to go up at 4 mm at a time. i use them all the time, and there really easy to use, and you can feed the plug/tunnel on afterwards easily afterwards. i recommend using a plug that has a rounded edge because its easier to feed through.

By Anonymous

awesome product (31 July 2007)

i used one of these to stretch from 4mm to 5mm, and it was great. before, i used the stretching nails, and while they were alright, they did have their flaws. i was a little worried, as it was my biggest stretch so far, but it was really easy and barely hurt at all. i'm definitely going to use these to go up to 6mm!

By Anonymous

Went through fine ... (23 January 2007)

I followed the tips here on using this, warmed it, used olive oil, it got a little tight, waited a second, and tried again, it went through with less pain than i had with the plastic taper i had previously used.

3 times it went though, without any pain, until i tried putting the jewellery in. For some reason, i expected them slightly bigger than the 10mm jewellery, so the jewellery actual did fit inside the little recess to push through, its the same size, meaning, as the taper popped out of my ear, the jewellery stuck in me, and now im bleeding. So i think it may be a different method in a months time or so and try 10mm again.

By Anonymous

Job done nicely! (12 January 2007)

These pins have the gentlest increase in gauge I've ever seen, which is probably why they're as long as they are. They really do make stretching an easy and painless experience (when it's done correctly!). The only problem I have with them is that they are very heavy for tapers, and so you can't really wear them in for a couple of days after stretching like I usually like to. That's my only qualm though...good stuff!

By Anonymous

Other uses (05 January 2007)

Wearing 1.6 mm jewelery in my nipples, I found it a problem to focus on what I was doing when changing jewelery around. I sometimes ended up hurting myself. Given that it's smaller at the tapered end (which is nicely rounded), a 1.6 mm Insertion Pin just makes it so much easier to locate the hole. Rest the bar, or whatever, on the other end of the pin and let it follow the pin through. It makes a big difference.

By Anonymous

Indispensable! (16 December 2006)

These are a worthy purchase if you're not using stretching crescents or tapers. If you want to stretch up one size at a time and wear a tube or tunnel every couple of weeks, these pins will make life a whole lot easier. It's a bit difficult to hold jewellery onto the end of the pin during the small stages (up to 4mm) but after that it gets a whole lot easier.

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