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By from Manchester

Excellent (21 January 2015)

I had my nipples pierced in November and used this to expand my nipples to 2.4mm. Perfect and straightforward to use. I'm ordering more to taking my piercings to the next level. The only small criticism would be it would be handy if the jewellery could screw into the end, but that's just a niggle.


Superb (26 December 2014)

Brilliant - first time I have used one and I stretched my PA from 4G to 2G really easily. I lubed up first and it pushed through effortlessly - the whole process of fitting the 2G BCR was completed in less than 5 minutes. Will definitely use to for fitting the 0G ring.

By from global traveller

taper pin stretcher (27 March 2014)

I found the pin to be well made and very smooth.
1 slight grumble was that the recess in the thick end is not quite deep enough, and its easy to misalign during jewelery insertion, I'd prefer to be able to screw the jewelery to the taper for an easier stretch.


Amazing (10 November 2013)

I used this to stretch my tongue from 3.2mm to 4mm and then from 4mm to 5mm. Extremely recommended, with just a little lube it slips in ever so easily and very little pain. A must have if your a little mad and decide to stretch your tongue :)

By from wiltshire

steel tapered pin (02 October 2013)

WOW, have used plastic tapers before always found they hurt like hell. not been long at 4mm in my PA. So got this tapered pin to 5mm and took just 10 minutes to push through and now at 5mm. Highly recommended to use in a PA.

By from England

the best (22 July 2013)

The best taper I've use so far, and don't think i'll be using any other, soo soo easy to slide threw your ear, and the concaved end makes inserting your plugs or eyelets without any problems, used the 10mm just ordered 12 mm :D

By from poole

insertion pins (24 February 2013)

I love these. Shame they don't go bigger.

By from UK

Amazing for ears (09 September 2012)

I love these. I wouldn't use anything else to stretch with now. I have ears that don't love to stretch more than 1mm at a time and I have used this at 7, 9, 10 and now 11mm. The 11mm was lovely and long to allow for a smooth stretch and I have had no problems at all. I wouldn't want to stretch with anything else. x

By from UK

Makes stretching super easy!!! (07 August 2012)

Absolutely the best, personally I consider concave steel tapers to be the safest and easiest to use.
Unlike most tapers these beauties are exponentially gradual, and with a little oil should go through super easily.
The concave end makes it easy to slip the appropriate jewellery into place.
I would defo recommend these to all stretchers, from novice to pro!

By from Newcastle

Tapers (08 July 2012)

Just used the 00g taper yesterday to stretch my pa and as with previous tapers I've got from here they are excellent smooth and ideal for stretching :)

By from Glasgow

Awesome (08 June 2012)

Been Stretching my septum with the crescents and up to 3.2mm was easy but going to 4mm was hellish so using tapers from now on as with more surface area to the stretch is more gradual and comfortable


The Best. (29 May 2011)

Used your typical small steel tapers before these to stretch my septum and the jump just from 5-6mm was painful with them, bought one of these in 7mm and went from 5-7mm with ease, they increase so gradually and have such a nice finish, + paired with a rounded glass plug that fits snug in the concave at the end of these, it makes a painless, easy and perfect stretch. Highly recommended.

By from norway

amazing for septum stretches (07 April 2011)

Ordered this when my septum wouldn't stretch from 4 to 5 mm just with a crescent. Because they are concave at the thickest end they fit extremely well with the rounded septum bullets!
Been using just crescents to stretch my septum earlier, and it has hurt like a bi'**h! With this I felt almost no pain, it just slid right trough, and the following septum bullet slid right in the stretched hole. 10/10!

By Anonymous

safe (03 April 2011)

This is the safest and most comfortuble way to stretch your piercing the smaller tapers in length can really hurt and damage the stretch because they are so short, but these do the trick great. very good quality steel.

By from Ireland

Best you can get. (16 March 2011)

These pins are excellent for the price; pure heavy duty steel to make you feel safe stretching and none of that plastic garbage. I used this to stretch my septum to 2.4mm from 2.0mm ... the pain was extremely rough for me but I have a very bad pain threshold so It probably wouldn't hurt others at all. I just bought another at 3.2mm to stretch my septum again, and looking forward to receiving it soon. Great item, brilliant price.

By from Berlin

Fantastic (15 December 2010)

I used that taper to go from 10 mm to 11 mm (I tried to go from 10 to 12 with the help of an acrylic taper and it just wouldn't work).

But with that taper it's just SO easy and pain-free - even if it might look a bit scary and feel a bit heavy, I highly recommend that taper... ...and would definitely prefer it for doing the next step(s)!!!

By Anonymous

Pretty Sick (22 January 2010)

Well, basically I got these because I tried to go 10-12...didnt work; then 10-11, and one lobe was still too tight. Bit heavy, but definitely recommended.

By Anonymous

Stretching pins (03 December 2009)

I've used these steel pins to stretch my lobes from 1.2mm to 9mm and my lip from 1.2mm to 1.6mm.
They are quite easy to use and I highly recommend them using vitamin e oil as a lubricant. The only downside is that not all pieces of jewellery fit into the end very easily.

By Anonymous

PA Stretching made easy (22 September 2009)

Just went from 6mm segment ring to a 7mm "Tribal Dream Ring" with one of these tapers.
It was so easy, I slipped the taper through the outside of the PA hole, had the 7mm ring ready at the end of the pin. Voila, in with no pain (in fact it felt rather pleasant).
Soon I'll stretch to 10mm and I would recommend these pins for the job.

By Anonymous

Fantastic Product (25 August 2009)

Tapered insertion pins are absolutely amazing. It's a safe and easy way to stretch your lobes. Just cleanse, lubricate and slide in! I personally leave them sitting there for 5-10 mins before attempting to push through with the jewellery inserted, just to calm down any inflamation.

Best used with internally threaded tunnels or smooth plugs!

By Anonymous

Stretching (22 August 2009)

These work well but lubricant is needed! I went from a 5mm to 6mm and there was no problems.

By Anonymous

really liked them! (17 August 2009)

i just started stretching my ears , it was really easy and smooth, NO PAIN! :-)

By Anonymous

OMG (01 August 2009)

Once you've tried these you'll NEVER want to use anything else to streatch your ear - I used them to go from a 6 to a 7 and 7 to an 8 and OMG I had NO PAIN at all! It's a bit weird because they're so long and heavy, but I had no pain whatsoever! Amazing!

By Anonymous

easy and quick (27 July 2009)

help so much with stretching up. i usually do the initial stretch with a plastic taper, then once my ear has settled i use these to insert the tunnel. so quick and easy, and save on a lot of effort and pain! ive used them for 7mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm stretches, and very soon for a 14mm stretch!
highly recommended!

By Anonymous

Fantastic (14 January 2009)

I had my lobes stretched by my piercer up to 6mm, then i wanted to have ago myself, so got a 7mm pin, and tunnel, and went thro easy. Ive now stretched to 10mm and going to go larger, very easy to use and good value.

By Anonymous

Worth every penny! (08 September 2008)

These products are awesome...
I've used them from 7mm and im currently at 12mm, since I have been using the insertion pins I've found it a lot easier and more appropiate as I im sure my work does not want me walking around with a taper hanging down my ear so these insertion pins which alow me to put a plug or flesh tunnell in straight away in alot more appropiate.
I did have a bit of trouble the first time I used them as when i messured the plug to the pin it didn't look the same size it looked smaller but not the less they both went through straight away and fit perfectly..
These may be a bit more expensive but well worth the money and alow you to stretch both ears at the same time!

By Anonymous

A must have! (07 August 2008)

I stretched with only these tapers and it was just SO easy the entire way through (from 12g to 4g), they are hygenic, easy to use (for stretching and getting your tunnels in) and they really just make the whole process of stretching your ears so much more comfortable and reliable, a must have!

By Anonymous

PA stretch (26 April 2008)

Just stretched from 6mm to 7mm using one of these pins like i've done from 3.2mm upwards. Very easy to use and found them very helpful. Can strongly recomend them.

By Anonymous

My PA stretched... (27 February 2008)

...very easly with this item (from 7mm to 8mm). Fantastic! It took 2 minutes without any pain. Only problem-i had to order some new jewellery... The next time it will be my nipple.

By Anonymous

Tapers (30 January 2008)

These pins are very reliable. My ears where at 6mms and i didnt like the plastic tapers i was using so i ordered a few of these and felt the difference straight away.

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