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:D (31 July 2012)

Brought these in 2.0mm to stretch standard lobe piercing and slid in with ease no pain or irrriation . Mine came with an O ring so didnt need to buy one. Really good product orded on saturday and came on the tuesday. Cant wait to move to biigger sizes.

By from Notts

Brill (20 October 2011)

These r great I put it in the first day i got it and no pain wat so ever

By Anonymous

Nose stretching (29 November 2010)

Its good to see i can get a product that stretches gradually, im planning on using them to stretch my nostrils and from how much my lip stretch to 10 mm hurt im going to go at this one verry slowly!

By Anonymous

(y) (11 July 2010)

These are really good because of the extra weight I had trouble going up from an 8mm but this really helped

By Anonymous

. (23 April 2010)

very good product pain free love it soo much wish it went up to a bigger size though but recommended :)

By Anonymous

So Easy To Use (18 March 2010)

I used these to start streching my ears about 2 weeks ago and they went in so easy with NO pain at all and they are so secure with no 'O' rings

By Anonymous

very happy (30 December 2009)

i ordered the 4mm nail and i have used a plastic stretcher before but this is so much better as these no O rings to loss, iv used it to stretch my lip its ideal for it.

By Anonymous

Brilliant! (07 October 2009)

I bought this 1.6mm nail to stretch one of my ear piercings so i could put some pretty gripper rings in.
It's great quality and with a rubber O ring (Which i bought separately) its quite secure.

I find it painful because its in cartillage, but not so bad as it was stretched within a few minutes :)

By Anonymous

Amazing (31 August 2009)

These nails are amazing, they have worked a treat as I got up to 6mm in no time and with relatively no pain at all.

The only 2 minor things that I dislike about these are that once you get to 4mm they get pretty heavy and you are very aware of them being in your ears, and they can be pretty awkward when you are lying down (not to mention their potential to wreak havock with your jugular! ;) ).

I've recommended these to many friends and will continue to do so.

By Anonymous

7mm (26 July 2009)

absolutely awsum couldnt find 7mm taper anywhere got to my 8mm goal pain free as 6mm-8mm hurt when i tried before

By Anonymous

Wow! (06 October 2008)

I can't believe how easy this was to use!
I used this to start stretching my ear with.
It doesn't look silly to go around in, and extremely easy to use, and comfortable to wear, despite the misleading look to it.
I definetly recommend this to use; easy, comfortable and well hidden. So very easy for school, work ectect.

By Anonymous

Hmm not sure (20 May 2008)

I ordered this product a week ago and it came within 2 days, i got the 7 mm because i tried an 8mm plastic taper and it really hurt to go up from a 6mm.
As soon as the nail came i went into the bathroom put some lube on it and put it in slowly, to my suprise it went through on its own with no pain what so ever :D

the only down side to this product is that when at about 6mm+ the nail is very heavy and can make ur ear lobe sag slightly

ive now gone up to 8mm with ease and have ordered my 10mm too

thanks BJS (Y)

By Anonymous

A Good Quality Stretcher (10 April 2008)

A good quality stretcher. Easy to use again and again. Looks smart.
The nail is very sharp which has both advantages and disadvantages.
The disadvantages are that its close to your neck and for nervous people like me that can be very worrying.
However, on more than one occassion they have painlessly stretched and re-opened previous piercings.

By Anonymous

heavy (28 March 2008)

These are great and they slide in real easy, but i found them to be a bit heavy when i was stretching, the PMMA tapers are defiantly a better way to go.

By Anonymous

Great Stretching Tool (24 February 2008)

i got this so i could stretch up to 7mm as not many other stretching tools come in 7mm size. its great and really easy to use as well as comfy.

By Anonymous

impressive (23 February 2008)

i actually found this product to be quite useful, as well as an excellent price, compared to the real world's expenses and prices around. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting to stretch their ears.
You put a slippery stretching solution on (whichever you choose) the nail and slide it into your ear, its nearly painless and very efficient.

Thanks bjs

By Anonymous

XD (13 January 2008)

I ordered this product just two days ago, I have recieved them and upsided as I did. It when in with no effot and looks awesome as a piece of jewellery, I ordered it at 7mm and today ordered the 8mm its just a shame they do not go any bigger :(.
Many thanks Body Jewellery shop! :D xox

By Anonymous

Wicked :D (22 December 2007)

I used this to take my stretch upto was amazing. went in with little effort, and comftable to wear to!

By Anonymous

niiiice (13 November 2007)

originally brought to stretch up my peircing, but stayed s a piece of jewellery! look really good and do the job very well.

By Anonymous

good (14 April 2007)

i bought these to stretch my piercing up, i went from 1mm up to 4mm using these. they worked really well, and they looked good as jewellery as well. only problems i've found is that they need an oring to help keep it in place, and they slip off really easily. also, they start to get pretty heavy once you get to the larger sizes (i'm only at 4mm and it really weighed me down) but other than that, they're a good product.

By Anonymous

lol large nail (29 October 2005)

ok i bought 1 of these at about an 8mm not sure but it was huge and heavy i put it in while i was only at 3mm (not good idea lots of blood and big tear in ear) it was weiging my ear down. but now i streched properly they are easy, cheap and great

By Anonymous

great (12 May 2005)

great for streching your piercing and good price.
you can use for streching or even as ordinary jewellery

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